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Thick, curly, chestnut-brown hair fell to the waist of a small, flat build, though still distinctly female. Big brown eyes were set in pale skin, giving Lumina Lysander a fairly childlike appearance. She frowned at the news, munching on her cereal. 'Those villains are at it again.' She thought angrily, subconsciously squeezing her spoon, making her knuckles turn white.

"Something wrong Lumina?" Came a male voice from behind her.

He looked to be a young teen, with a wiry build and a height of about 5'5", with brown hair reaching the nape of his neck. His skin was tanned, and he had squinty brown eyes. He and Lumina looked similar in a sense, though you probably couldn't tell at first glance.

"Lakota! Oh, no, it's just those villains…" She replied quietly, her eyes going from her brother back to the TV. Lakota Lysander nodded in understanding, flopping down onto the couch next to her. They stayed like that for awhile, staring blankly at the TV. About an hour and a half passed before Lumina reluctantly got up to the sound of her ringing cell on the kitchen table. She glanced at it, before sighing and stuffing it into her pocket.

"Work?" Lakota asked, looking at her from the couch. Lumina nodded, setting her dishes in the kitchen sink before pulling her shoes on.

"I'm heading out, Lakota!" She called as she ran out the door. Lakota turned back to the TV.

"Cedarspring, you're late. We did say it was urgent." Came the snide remark from a male leaning against the wall of the HQ. He had on a long, black trench coat, slacks, and a T-shirt with a gray H inscribed over the left side of his chest. He had a see-through visor, and from his belt hung a hangman's noose and a revolver. He was slouched, making him seem about 5'11", and Lumina could make out choppily-cut sand-blonde hair.

"I know, Hangman. I got here as fast as I could." Cedarspring replied angrily, her words clipped and short. She had on a light green tunic and dark green leggings, with a thin, brown leather belt tied around her waist. Her face was hidden by a white mask, and her chestnut-brown hair was tied back in a low, tight bun with a light green headband. She flew to the other side of the room, settling herself in a leather armchair.

"Alright, alright! Calm down everyone, and let's get this meeting started!" A young teenage girl called out, settling the Heroes down. Long, wavy golden hair cascaded down the girl's back, bright blue eyes looking around the room with confidence and command. "Alright, to start off, let's call roll!" She picked up the clipboard on the table in front of her, glancing down through the names for a moment.






"Uh, here!" Brown hair and eyes framed the hero's face, his muscular body in full, white armor. His mouth was set in an odd quirk.


"I'm here." Misfit wore a blue T-shirt with a black 'M' across the chest, and a blue skirt with a black stripe running parallel to her hips on both sides. She had black tights under the skirt, and a white mask that covered her eyes, though they didn't seem to hinder her ability to see. Shocking, long red hair cascaded down her back, a noticeable color compared to the blue and black color scheme of her costume.

"Alright, and The Mister is out on another mission. I think Ixion has appeared again." The blonde girl muttered, checking something off on the clipboard. "And for those of you who can't seem to remember my name, I'm Lalan Ruzaduke, soon-to-be detective." She looked up as she introduced herself, setting the clipboard down.

"So, what's going on?" Misfit asked, looking at the 'soon-to-be detective'.

"I'm sure you've all heard of The Unkiller by now. He disappeared only a year ago, and as a result we lost several of the best heroes in the nation. But I found a lead that may just help us find him." Everyone leaned forward slightly, eager on hearing what this lead was.

They knew the Unkiller, for he was probably one of the most famous villains in America, and that when he disappeared, they lost many comrades. Even some close friends and family.

"You must have heard by now, but The Unkiller is best known for his poisons and secretive killing techniques." Lalan started, looking at each hero in turn, for dramatic effect. "Recently, a professor of mine found the entrance to a strange cave while he was traveling. He said it had unfamiliar symbols, though it reminded him of a form of ancient Egyptian. He said he found it in Alaska, near the border of Canada. Ironically, it's also the same place where The Unkiller was rumored to have disappeared in." She sat down, the others leaning back into their seats.

"So we get to take a trip to Alaska?" Cedarspring asked, her voice bubbly and probably excited.

"Yep, so the lot of you better pack up some warm clothes. And if you want, I'm having lunch down at the Springtide Café, so whoever wants to join me, hurry up." Lalan replied, getting up and grabbing her briefcase before rushing out the door. Several of the heroes did the same, while others like Misfit and Hangman lagged behind.

"Why does she always say that?"

"More like, why do we always join her?"

Freckles dotted the cheeks of a green-eyed girl with shocking red hair as she sat down last, not saying a word. She sat next to Lalan and a young man with choppily cut blonde hair. He wore glasses over a pure snow-white eyes, the other a dull gray. He slouched slightly in his chair, wearing a band T-shirt and loose jeans, handfuls of bracelets on his arms. Historian sat across from her, along with Lumina.

"Trent, are you always going to be the last one here?" Lalan asked teasingly to the redhead, grinning cheesily. Trent just shrugged.

Joey Gibberson, otherwise known as Historian, looked at the menu in slight confusion. "You still use cash?" He muttered, raising an eyebrow.

"What?" Lumina asked, having not heard him.

"N-nothing much, but do you have any cash to pay with? I don't." Joey replied quickly, laughing awkwardly. Lumina raised an eyebrow, nodding.

"Sorry I missed the meeting." Came another, slightly out of breath voice from behind them. Thick, messy, spiky, and choppy jet-black hair fell down to her hip, with a grey streak and some spiky curls here and there. She was tall at almost 6 feet, with snow white skin and elf ears with 2 gold piercings on each ear. Her usually rosy cheeks were slightly redder than usual from the cold wind. Her big eyes were amber with rainbow-colored specks, though the color shifted slightly.

"It's alright Drella. You were fighting Ixion anyways, so don't worry about it." Lalan replied, waving at her to sit. Drella Thompson complied and sat next to Patrick Driscoll, glancing at his white eyes. "Anyways, what happened to Ixion? Did you finally get him landed in jail?"

Drella shook her head, scowling slightly. "No, he got away from the police right after I handed him over. Sometimes I hate that damned enhanced strength and speed of his. Headlock was in town, so she's tracking him down right now." Lalan nodded in understanding, before turning back to her salad.

"So did you get my text about the cave?" Drella nodded, ordering some Indian food from the waitress. "Well, anyways, everyone meet here for some breakfast at 6. And if anyone asks, it's for work, like always." Lalan declared, standing up and striding out of the café dramatically.

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