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Joey shoved his hands into his coat pocket, shuffling along the empty sidewalk. The cold wind blew ruthlessly, and the hero suppressed a shiver as he began to walk slightly faster. "Better get to the meeting." He muttered. "The faster I'm inside, the warmer I'll be." His eyes strayed to the sidewalk for a moment, and in that same instance, he bumped into someone, falling backwards.

"Oh, sorry about that." A male voice muttered, a tan-skinned hand offering some help up. Joey gladly accepted, rubbing his throbbing nose.

"I-It's alright, I was the one not watching." Looking up, Joey found himself face to face with icy-blue eyes, framed by messy brown hair, and a slightly buff physique. The stranger, smiled slightly, tilting his head subconsciously as he did so, revealing the scar on the side of his neck. Those eyes… Where had he seen them before?

"So, where are you heading? Oh, and I'm Shane. Shane Raymen." He piped up, walking in the same direction as Joey.

"…Work. And I'm Joey Gibberson."

"It's nice to meet you. Mind if I ask you what you do?"

"I do… police work. I'm part of a… special squad. What about you?"

"Similar. My work's a little more brutal though, I bet." Joey snorted at this, before stopping in front of the side door of a familiar building.

"Well, I better get going." He muttered, looking at Shane.

"Can't I just take a peek inside? I'll just pop in and pop out." Eventually, Joey shrugged.

"…I guess so." Joey opened the door and trudged in, Shane following quickly after.

"Hey Hi-Joey! Who's your friend?" Lumina asked, falling immediately back into her chair from her perch in the air.

"I'm Shane. It's nice to meet you."

"Hi! My name's Lumina!" The brunette greeted cheerfully, grinning childishly. "Over there is Patrick, Drella, Trent, and Lalan!"

"I'm the last one here?" Joey asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, besides Kyu and Jack, anyways. They're probably lost or something though, so I'm going to look for them if they don't get here soon." Drella piped up, coming over to greet the newcomer. At that moment, the two mentioned burst through, Jackson being dragged behind Kyu.

"Sorry we're late!" Kyu called out, panting as he came to a stop.

"It's fine. You're just in time. As for you, Shane, would you mind leaving? The meeting is a bit… private." Lalan replied, coming to stand in front of the whiteboard, a few papers in her hand.

"I could help you if you want. I have some work relating to criminals and such, so I might be able to provide some information." He suggested, raising an eyebrow.

"No. Leave." Lalan replied curtly, before turning away, signaling that the conversation was over.

"Sorry about that. She's been in a bit of a bad mood since our last… case." Joey murmured, smiling apologetically at the other. Shane nodded in understanding.

"It's alright. I understand. See you later then!" He left through the door in which he had come, closing it behind him.

"Let's get this meeting started. We checked that journal for fingerprints or familiar handwriting. Anything and everything. We got no results. As for the content…" She paused, writing something on the board.

It was the first three passages in the journal, as well as the last one. The words and phrases, 'So many people have died because of me', 'Why me?', 'Villains', 'They know who I am', 'I don't want to hurt people' were all circled, and as she finished, she circled, 'I don't want to die' in red.

"These are the most important phrases that stick out. From some of the first few, he seems regretful of his actions. He doesn't want to hurt anyone. All he wanted to do was protect 'her', whoever 'her' is. Also, it seems that some-if not all-of the Villains know who he is. If we manage to track at least one down, we might be able to find out his identity." She explained, pointing at several of the circled words and phrases as she did so.

"What about that last phrase? The one you circled in red."

"…That has yet to be figured out, but it seems that the phrase wasn't written in the same… material as the rest of the passages." She replied.

"What was it written in?" Trent asked, quietly.

"…It seems to have been written in blood."

A young man with brown hair and eyes fell out of the swirling mass of dark colors, stumbling to stand, his left leg covered in blood. He stood up, looking around the futuristic surroundings frantically, before stumbling away from the portal. He seems to be calling for someone, until finally-

The boy blinked once, twice, and shook his head, dismissing the vision once again as just déjà vu. Standing at about 5'12", he shuffled his sneaker-clad feet, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his baggy jeans, before switching them into the pockets of his gray/white hoodie. Scruffy brown hair rustled in the wind, his piercing blue eyes watching from his perch by the café, waiting. He trusted his sight a little, despite all the strange and out-of-place visions it frequently gave him. However, he has tested it out before, and he knows at least some of it is true.

Counting down, he sighed quietly to himself, closing his eyes. '5… 4… 3… 2… 1.' Opening them, he watched for the second time as the small group hurried past him, into the warmth of the café. Fingering the familiar, smooth crystal in his pocket, he gripped it reassuringly, following them inside. 'You can do this.'

Slowly, he stopped in front of the table, stuttering slightly as he spoke up. "U-Um… Excuse me."

"Yes?" The blonde-haired girl turned her head towards him, and he could almost see something past those eyes… 'Stop it. Don't get lost in those… daydreams again… Or whatever they are.'

"I think this belongs to you." He pulled the crystal out by its thin leather cord, and the girl's eyes widened in response.

"I lost that years ago. How did you know it was mine?" She asked, taking it gratefully. He shrugged, stuffing his hands back in his pockets.

"Déjà vu, I guess."

"Well, thanks, uh…"

"Owl Weradik."

"Owl. My name's Lalan. If you want, I can treat you to lunch. It's my turn to pay anyways." Owl bit his lip, wanting to refuse, but another girl-childlike with long curly brown hair and big brown eyes-dragged him into an empty seat anyways.

"It's nice to meet you Owl! I'm Lumina!" Owl nodded, somewhat awkwardly. Introductions were exchanged around the table, and he watched the group laugh and argue and generally just have a good time, smiling a bit himself. They seemed like good people.

Somewhat of a more toned down chapter, introducing some more characters, and hinting at a few more secrets. ...I'm really tired tonight. And hungry.