Yay! It's finally here! Please forgive my laziness and sudden lack of motivation, but I tried to make it a little longer than I intended for you all in apology. Hopefully the next chapter will be here sooner. I hope the personalities of everyone is still right!

"Would you like something to drink?" The waitress smiled softly at the hero-in-disguise, who shook his head.

"I'm okay." Joey replied, smiling a little in slight confusion. The waitress looked over to Lalan, who sat in the next seat. She shook her head, her ponytail bobbing back and forth.

"No thanks."

They all sat quietly for awhile. Drella, Lumina, and Lalan were listening to their respective music, though Lumina was introducing Joey to different bands. Trent seemed to be meditating, and Patrick was sleeping. Within a few hours, the quiet plane was filled with soft snores and passengers sleeping, except for the occasional baby crying. Patrick, who had been sleeping earlier and was now awake, opened his eyes when he heard rustling coming from the men in front of him. Sensing something was wrong, he leaned forward a bit, trying to see what the man was up to.

"Everyone! Hands up!" The man suddenly screeched, jumping out of his seat and waving his gun around. Several others from different parts of the plane did the same. Several people, who were awake, quickly held their hands up, nudging others awake to do the same. The Heroes cautiously did the same, looking for an opportunity to spring into action. "When we stop in front of you, slowly take out all your money, jewelry, and any other items worth money. Try anything, and you'll regret it. Listen to our orders, and nobody gets hurt!" The man called out, several dozen eyes looking fearfully at the men with the guns.

The lead man then turned to the lady in the aisle across from Patrick, who was nervously stuffing something into her bag. "Hey! What're you hiding there?!" He suddenly screeched, roughly grabbing the woman's arm. Patrick gritted his teeth. If he could just reach his gun…

The man suddenly stopped abruptly, his face pale and covered in sweat. The person sitting next to the woman appeared to be asleep. He was wearing a black, long-sleeved shirt, and black jeans and shoes, with a simple black cap that hid his face in shadows. He held up his hand, palm up, where the barrel of a small pistol was just visible. The plane-hijacker held up his own gun in alarm, both of them shooting at the same time. The bullet from the hijacker hit somewhere near the window, and the bullet of the other hit the hijacker square in the head, knocking the man's hat off as he fell backwards.

The woman screamed as the body slammed against the armrest of Patrick's chair, splattering blood all over him. Lalan, who was apparently awake the whole time, whipped out her pocketknife. God knows where she kept the thing all the time. "Sorry about that." The young man muttered, seeming perfectly fine considering how he just killed someone.

"Who are you?" Lumina demanded angrily, fire in her eyes.

"Shadow Night. I'm a Vigilante." Icy blue eyes stared at her from under the hat, sending shivers down several spines. Even Lalan, who usually never backs down, hesitated, the hand holding her knife lowering slightly.

"I've heard about you. You're the one that 'always gets to the crime first'." Drella retorted, eyes flicking to the hijacker's gun momentarily.

"Yes. A couple years ago, a mysterious figure would appear at the scene of a crime and the perpetrator would always disappear mysteriously, sometimes to be found dead later on. One night, an officer happened to see the mysterious figure, and demanded to know who he was. The mysterious figure replied with a cold-hearted smirk on his face. 'I am Shadow Night.'" Lalan explained, pulling out an old newspaper. "That officer happened to be my uncle, in case you don't know. He was also later found dead in the sewers, with a bullet in his head." Anger and contempt shone in her eyes, but Shadow Night's smirk didn't falter.

"Don't move. We thank you for stopping many criminals, but it's time we arrest you ourselves." Historian, in his all-white body armor, pointed his hand at the vigilante, which then transformed into a lethal-looking gun. The other Heroes were in their costumes as well, ready to attack at any moment. The Mister was holding the Hijacker's gun, Cedarspring hovering in the air, Hangman holding his own revolver, and Lalan holding her knife at the ready as well. Misfit was inching towards Shadow Night, crouching low to the floor.

"I see…but I don't think you can arrest me that easily. This plane is not just a prison for me, however. It's also a prison for you, too." Shadow Night's grin was the last thing they saw before everything went pitch black.

"What the hell? Even with the lights off it shouldn't be this dark! It's the middle of the day!"

"Someone get to a window!" Lalan screeched, running towards what she presumed to be towards a window. Stumbling over a few seats and legs, she struggled against the window, trying to pull it open.

"Oh, and just so you know, Ms. Detective, your uncle wasn't what he said he was. Remember the incident of an officer murdering several innocent civilians? He bribed the higher-ups to get him out of trouble. You really shouldn't judge a book by its contents. Everyone has secrets." Shadow Night's voice whispered into her ear, and Lalan swear she saw his smirk, but his presence disappeared as light filtered through one of the windows.

"He glued the window blinds shut. You want some help Lalan?" Hangman asked, slight sarcasm seeping into his voice.

"No thank you. I've got it." The soon-to-be detective replied curtly, her words clipped with impatience. She ran the blade of her knife under the window blind, and the blind came up easily, bright sunlight spilling in.

"We'll deal with the windows later! Shadow Night should still be on the plane! Search the plane and all the passengers from head to toe!" Cedarspring called out, running towards the front of the plane. For once, none of the heroes complained, as they all had the same idea.

They searched the plane for an hour, meeting up together and giving a negative. "He's not anywhere. We checked the luggage compartments, the engine, and every passenger on board." The Mister complained, frowning in frustration.

"I even checked the bathrooms. And remind me to never do that again." Misfit muttered, not looking very good.

"Hey, where's Cedarspring? Is she still in the Pilot's Cabin?" Historian asked, looking around.

"I think so. Something must have happened, we should go check on her." Lalan suggested, several others nodding in agreement. They all jogged towards the front of the plane, pulling open the curtain to the Cabin.

Both the Pilot and the Copilot were leaning against the wall unconscious, their breathing labored. Cedarspring sat in the Pilot's seat, her back hunched in concentration.

"Cedarspring, what happened!" Several of the Heroes rushed over, Misfit sitting down in the Copilot seat.

"He knocked out the Pilot and the Copilot, and messed with the autopilot and communication system. I can't contact the airport and I have to drive this stupid thing myself." Cedarspring replied angrily, her face covered in a cold sweat.

"Lumina, calm down." Misfit murmured soothingly, resting her hand on the other's shoulder. She could feel the anger and frustration seeping out of Cedarspring and being transferred into her, the other's tense shoulders and scrunched up features relaxing.

"Thank you, Misfit." Cedarspring whispered as Misfit became tenser and slightly angrier. Lalan rubbed soothing circles on Misfit's back, who began to calm down a little.

"Anyways, do you think you can land this plane safely?" Hangman asked, arms crossed.

"To be honest, I'm not sure. I flew a small biplane before, but it didn't turn out very well the first time." Cedarspring replied.

"I think I can help a bit." Historian spoke up, shifting his weight from one foot to the other and back. "I've had experience with… newer models."

Misfit stood, gesturing towards the seat she was in just a second ago. "Go ahead." Historian nodded and sat down, glancing over all the buttons and controls. Another minute passed, and his hands flew over the controls expertly, flipping switches and pressing buttons at what looked to be random guesses. He pressed one more button, and crackling came to life on the radio.

"Hello, is this the Eagle Control Tower?" Historian asked, his words rushed and slightly jumbled.

"Yes, this is the Eagle Control Tower. What is the situation?" Asked a deep male voice on the radio.

"Both the Pilot and Copilot are unconscious, and the autopilot has been disabled. My name is Joey, and the one in the pilot seat is Lumina. We both have some flying experience and little landing experience." Historian replied, having somehow changed back into his regular clothes. Lumina and the others had somehow done the same.

"Alright. Joey, what is the current altitude and speed?"

"The current speed is 395 knots. Altitude is about 20,000 feet."

"Alright. Now, I want you to-" Crackling and screaming over the radio interrupted whatever he was about to say, followed by a chilling laughter, before everything went dead silent.

"Hello? Eagle Control Tower? Hello?!" Joey screamed into the headset.

"Shit. There had to be some villains hijacking an airport." Lumina muttered, her violent temper seeping out of her in an evil aura.

"Do you think you can land this plane safely now?"

"Shut up Patrick."


"Patrick shut up and Lumina pay attention! We're descending too fast!" Joey screamed, pointing at the ground that was approaching extremely quickly. Everyone looked startled at Joey's unusual and sudden outburst, but Lumina kept her eyes in front of her, pulling the throttle up. The nose of the plane jerked up, and screeching could be heard coming from the outside. Everyone braced themselves against the Pilot and Copilot chairs and the surrounding walls (that were not covered in buttons and switches) as the plane jerked to a sliding stop.

"So… did we land?"

And introducing Shadow Night! You will definitely see him later on, I promise. And with the plane thing, I don't know a single thing about planes, so I mostly guessed and used a few sources to help my guesses. (Google Maps, and the Detective Conan movie: Magician in the Silver Sky. it has a part where they have to fly a plane.)

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