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The quartet would have fallen asleep, had it not been so cold. "What's taking them so long? My fingers are numb." Patrick grumbled, grimacing as he attempted to move his fingers.

"Well unless you want to explode, you should stay put. Getting up and moving around should help you get some feeling back into your body." Drella suggested, having been pacing around herself for the past few minutes. Patrick eventually took up the offer, running in circles like madman, waving his arms and stretching his fingers. Lumina fell off the stump she was sitting on, laughing as she rolled back and forth in the snow.

"You look like a yeti!" She squealed, howling as soon as she said it. Kyu, who had been silent the whole time, stood up.

"I'm leaving."

"Huh? Why?" Drella asked, coming to a stop in her walking.

"I'm not part of your little group. I'm a bounty hunter." Lumina got up, reaching towards the raven-haired boy to stop him. She hesitantly pulled her hand back as red eyes glared at her.

"Excuse me!" A tall, raven-haired, Japanese girl waved as she ran towards them, quickly coming to a stop before them. "I'm Chiharu. Um, sorry but, can you tell me where this is? I happen to be lost." Upon getting closer, they could see she was wearing a blue skirt, and a white, long-sleeved blouse covered by a blue blazer. Looked like a school uniform.

"How the hell did you get lost? Mind you, this is pretty far from civilization." Patrick asked, crossing his arms as he stopped moving.

"Well, my class was taking a little nature hike out here to get some exercise. We're taking a field trip here." Chiharu answered sheepishly. "I kind of have a bad sense of direction." She laughed nervously, and Patrick rolled his eyes.

"Well, sorry Chiharu, but we're not exactly sure how to help you either. All I can tell you is that there's a motel down that way. You can try using the phone." Drella pointed down the small hill to their left.

"Thanks! But, uh… could someone come with me?" The girl looked down at the ground as she said this, shuffling her feet nervously.

"I will!" Lumina volunteered enthusiastically, bobbing up and down on her toes.

"Thank you!" Chiharu replied, just as cheerfully. Lumina was about to set off, when Patrick put a hand on her shoulder.

"What's wrong?"

"I have a bad feeling about her. I could be wrong, but… something in my gut tells me we should stay away from her." Patrick muttered quietly, gesturing to the Japanese girl with a nod of his head.

"Well, that gut feeling has gotten us out of trouble before, so who says we should stop listening to it now?" Drella agreed, joining in the conversation. Reluctantly, Lumina nodded.

"What's wrong? Aren't you coming?" Chiharu called, already walking away slowly.

"In a minute!" Lumina called back, nervously. "Hey, where's Kyu? I haven't seen him for awhile." Lumina asked, looking around. The other two began looking as well, when a shriek sounded from nearby.

A sword and man shimmered into visibility near Chiharu, who was grasping her shoulder, where blood trickled out. "Dude, what're you doing?!" Patrick shouted, hand on his revolver.

"H-Help me!" Chiharu cried, shrieking again when the Huntsman came running towards her, ready to strike. Lumina reacted quickly, flying towards the bounty hunter as she willed the earth up, stopping him in his tracks.

"Don't you know who she is?!" He hissed when she got close enough, earning only a puzzled look in response. "Dammit, she's Oni! A Japanese assassin!" Lumina's, Drella's, and Patrick's eyes all widened in surprise. At the same moment, the innocent girl routine and the pained expression were gone from Chiharu, replaced by a cold sneer.

"Tch. You're deaths would have been a hell of a lot easier if you'd just followed me." Two shuriken appeared in her hands with speed of a ninja, the weapons soon a dark blur whooshing towards them.

"Watch your heads!" Patrick shouted, revolver out quickly as he shot down the blades. He continued to shoot, though this time at the assassin. She dodged all 4 shots, flipping backwards with a catlike flexibility.

"Tell me where the Unkiller is, and I promise to make your deaths a little less painful."

"Did you hear that?" Lalan asked, looking back towards the entrance with furrowed eyebrows.

"Hear what?" Joey replied, following her gaze in confusion.

"It sounded like Patrick's revolver. I'm going back." She made to turn around, but Azazel was quick to put a hand on her shoulder.

"Its fine, I'll go. You're the detective, so you should stay. I'm sure it's nothing serious." Before the blonde could protest, Azazel headed quickly back the way they came.

"So… Are we going to continue?" Trent asked, crossing her arms from farther off.

"…Sure." Lalan eventually replied, turning from the entrance. The cave never got darker, torches illuminating the way when sight began to diminish. It soon branched off into two paths, one illuminated by torches, the other by an unknown light at the other end.

"I'll go with Trent and you go with Jackson?" Joey suggested, looking at Lalan with a shrug. He was answered by a shrug from the female.

"Why not?" They split off, Joey and Trent heading for the tunnel not illuminated by torches, Lalan and Jackson going the other way.

The tunnel ended rather quickly, leading into a large cavern-like room covered in a bright pale light swaying from the ceiling. It was largely empty, besides a makeshift bed made of a few wool blankets, a couple of boxes, and a small journal and pencil. "What's this?" Joey asked, picking up the journal.

"Read it out loud." Trent replied, changing the density of her head to poke it inside the boxes, seeing what's inside. "Nothing useful in here." She muttered, her head retreating from the box.

"…That was really creepy."

"Just read the damn journal already."

Joey opened to the first page.

"March 21
I've finally arrived at this damned shelter. He said it would keep me hidden,
and I don't doubt that, but what about the others? So many people have died
because of me. I didn't ask them to. Why me?

March 25
It's getting close to a full week. How long will I have to be here?
I'm sure police are swarming to find me. If there are any left. I wouldn't be
surprised if the Villains killed them all.

April 30
They know who I am. I don't think I can ever go out now. Those
bastards would probably tell the police, even if it meant getting arrested
themselves. All I wanted to do was protect her."

Joey flipped through the next few pages, skimming them over. "The rest are just day to day things, nothing of any importance, unless you want to learn how to survive in the Alaskan wilderness. Wait, the last entry is different."

This time, Trent stood up and walked over, looking at the journal entry, which was much longer compared to the others.

'It's dark. It's so dark. I want to leave. I want to get out.
I want to get out of here. Save me. Take me away from this hell.
Even if I'm arrested. I want out. I want to see her face again.
She was my sunlight. She was my sanity.
I feel I'm going to lose what little sanity I have left if I don't get out.
I don't want to go insane. I don't want to hurt people.
I'm so hungry. So, so hungry.
I don't want to die.'