Day 1: I have arrived in town to investigate an old house where the adult members of the last family to own it were brutally murdered, and the children completely missing. Not to mention all the other children who went missing in town before the event took place. No one knows what happened, or who did it, but they believe it was one of the family members who died, because it all stopped after that day. I was hoping to uncover something about what happened, but I have found nothing.

Day 2: I went back to day, hopes still up about finding something, anything, but there was still nothing.

Day 3: Still nothing. I am just about ready to give up.

Day 4: I was just about ready to call it quits and leave, when I tripped and hit a disguised lever that opened a well-hidden door into a secret room. Inside I found horrible things I fear are too terrible to recont in this journal. The one thing that caught my eye most of all, was an old tome sitting on a little table. I grabbed it, and left that house for good.

Day 5: I cannot read whatever language this book was written in to save my life. I've been researching it all damn day to try and figure it out, but I'm still at a complete loss.

Day 6: I've done it. I've figured it out. It appears to be a very ancient dialect of Anglo-Saxon. After hours of constant translating, I think I've figured out what some of it says. The first sentence roughly translated is, "Enter and be welcome." I have no idea what that means.

Day 7: Maybe it's just my imagination running rampant, but everywhere I go, I hear strange noises and see things out of the corners of my eye, that are not there when I look.

Day 8: I was brushing my teeth getting ready to go to bed, when a little girl's face appeared in the mirror for an instant and screamed at me. I'm still shaking, and feel as if my heart is about to explode.

Day 9: I can hear them more clearly now. The noises. Like children, laughing and playing. Then they start to cry, and scream. I see shapes out of the corners of my eyes, and I look, and I could swear I see little boys and girls for an instant before the visions disappear, and then they're gone. I think I'm going mad.

Day 10: The children are gone now. I feel at peace now. I think all this morbid business of mine had just gotten to my head.

Day 11: I spoke too soon. The children may have gone, but something else is here instead. There's no more noises. There's only silence. I still see shapes though, or a shape. It seems to always be the same one. I see a figure out of the corner of my eye, hiding in the distance. It's tall and black. I turn to see what it is, but it's gone. There's a constant sense of dread in the air. It's all in my head, though, I'm sure. Just need to suck it up and continue on.

Day 12: I'm not crazy. I know that now. I see it everywhere, but never clearly enough to know what it looks like. I keep hearing sounds in my ears, growing louder, and more ominous. It's coming for me. I've been translating the book all this time. It's been describing something known as The Dark Man. That must be what I'm seeing. This creature that's tall and black. It also seems to match what's been going on. It takes children and kills any who gets in its way. No one knows where the children go. I think I've accidentally let it loose in this world, by speaking a passage in the book. This is all my fault. I let it in. I've been seeing on the news, how children have been going missing. I have to leave.

Day 13: I burned the book, and buried its ashes in a hole in the graveyard. I'm hoping the hallowed ground will contain whatever evil it holds. I'm now on my way home, to my family. A feeling of inner peace is washing over me the farther I get from that wretched town.

Day 14: Everything is right with the world now. I'm safe, at home, with my family in my arms.

Day 15: What have I done? It followed me. I brought it to my family. I can see it again, everywhere. It wants me. I let it in. Worst of all, I think I now realize what that family in that house was trying to do. They used a passage in the book to banish it back into its own world. I never got that far, and now the book is destroyed. What have I done?

Day 16: I saw it. I finally saw it, right before it took my little girl. She ran off into the woods, in protest from me denying her ice cream. It appeared. It just appeared out of nowhere, in front of her. It was tall, and thin, with long limbs. And it was wearing a suit of all things! But worst of all, when it turned to look at me, I saw it's blank, white, featureless face, and I froze. I froze as dark tentacles burst from its back, grabbed my girl, and they both disappeared. I went to the police. They're out looking for her. They suspect me of playing a part in her disappearance. Why wouldn't they? But it wasn't me. Oh, what am I going to do?

Day 17: My wife is dead. I found her in pieces. I feel detached. I feel broken. I feel dead. I can hear constant pounding in my hear, and other terribly ominous noises. They're loud. It's getting closer. I'm dead. It's coming for me. There's no escaping this slender man. Goodbye.