Just a short little depressing nothing.

I...hope someone enjoys it.

Placing a hand to the wall, she looked blankly ahead of her. She didn't know what to do anymore; how does one recover from this? How do you go on, when you've lost everything? Dragging one heavy foot in front of the other she began her slow drudge down the hall, her hand leaving behind a trail of dark red.

Liquid flowed slowly, steadily out of the wound on her arm. It fell in small drops along the floor, leaving a trail that would lead anyone who cared to find her to the place where she knew she would wall. Where she knew that this, all of this, would hit her, where the pain would become too much and she would fall.

Fall to the dirt, her strength sapped, that bit of adrenaline that had kept her going until then run dry. Her blood deprived body, her woozy head, her damaged heart. She would fall just like the rest of them. There was no point to try and save herself.

She will wind up here anyways, someday.

Why should she prolong the wait?

Well, there it was.

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