Hi! This is a one-shot story! Please enjoy!

We were from different world, different dimensions, two beings that should not and cannot cross each other. But fate brought us together and thus, the day we met…

His looks so terrifying and monstrous, with long skinny arms that touched the ground, white skin colour with black jet hair, emerald eyes, scaly skin, skinny and bended legs and also a crucifix necklace that hung loosely around his neck. That was his real form and how he looked when we first met.

The first time I saw him, the wings he had on his back and his looks and shocked me the most. Who is this creature? Why had he fallen right in front of my yard? What is he?

Even though I asked myself the last question for numerous times, I already had the answer myself. He is an Extraterrestrial, an alien.

I touched him gently and heard him whining and groaning about something. I helped him up, just to realize his abnormally tall height (2 meters) and the blue liquid left behind by him every step he takes. He had sparkling blue blood like sapphires, like the surface of a lake when shone brightly by the moonlight. He was nothing else except a being stranger to me.

The more I thought about it, the more I cared for him.

I took care of him for several days, helped him with his bandage and feeding him with food. It's rather amusing to know how much he had taken a liking towards strawberry flavored sweets.

But for the past month I had taken care of him, he had never talked to me once.

"Hey, can't you talk?" I asked.

He didn't respond but just stared at me with his emerald eyes.

"Mum and Dad are coming back in a week's time. By then, I can't take care of you. They will be terrified by how you look…"

He sat upright immediately. Even under moonlight, no lights, no nothing, only darkness, I could see his
appearance and expressions as clear as in daylight. He was glaring at me and frowning.

He snarled and hissed, and grabbed me by my wrist.

"Please, let go of me! It's hurting! Please!" I exclaimed as I felt his nails piercing through my skin, ruby blood trickling out from the deep wound. He immediately let go off me and turned away to look at the window.

He looked lonely when I saw his longing eyes looking towards the sky. A hundred thousands and thousands and millions and millions kilometers above ground level is his home, where he belongs and where his friends and family are.

"You want to go back?" I asked, sitting on the edge of the bed he was on.

He nodded, pearls of tears trickling down from his eyes. His tears did not have a regular water droplet shape, but instead they were spherical, really rounded.

"Do you know the way to go back?" I asked.

He shook his head. His stare at the navy blue sky had clearly shown his loneliness. This is not where he should be in.

"Don't worry, I will think of ways to help you," I said.

He turned around to look at me with wide eyes and a look of confusion.

I smiled and hugged him gently.

"I promise I wouldn't leave you alone."

With that, I fell into a deep slumber, dreaming about someone hugging me tightly and telling me "I know you wouldn't…"

A few days later…

"RING ring! RING ring!" the phone rang.

I was in the kitchen cooking breakfast for myself and him. I didn't have an extra leg to help me with the call.
"Hmmm…" I heard a deep growl behind me.

I turned around to see him at my kitchen door.

"What do you want?" I asked with a sweet voice. He seems to look better and better each day.

He pointed to the phone in his hand.

"Wow! Thx!" I took the phone from him and answered the call while cooking.

"Jane, is that you?"


"Did something happen to you? I thought I heard some weird growling sounds…"

Did mum hear his deep growls? This is bad…

"No, I guessed you heard wrongly… Everything is perfectly fine here!"

"If that's what you say… Anyway, Jason and I will be coming back tomorrow! I called to tell you this!"

Mum is coming back TOMORROW?!

I thought I felt my knees turning jelly when I fell to the floor.

"Jane, are you alright? Jane?" Mum's worried voice rang over the phone.

"Erm…. Yeah, I am alright, mum. I am looking forward to your arrival home with dad tomorrow," I said, trying to sound enthusiastic.

I hung up the phone abruptly as I couldn't let mum hear my sobs.

What should I do next? I promised him that I wouldn't leave him behind but…

"I'll be alright…" I heard someone speaking.

"Don't go saying that! You can't be alright!" I exclaimed and stopped immediately.

Did he just spoke?

I looked up to the owner of the deep velvet voice.

My tears stopped flowing, my heart stopped thumping. My voice… can't be projected out.

The one standing in front of me isn't an alien. He is a human. A male human with looks so perfect and beautiful like how a fallen angel should look like, with the black wings still attached to his back. His black jeans hung loosely on him. That pair of jeans must have belonged to dad.

"You're…" I heard my voice breaking.

"I am a human… Under a curse by a witch," he replied.

I swallowed my spit and stared at him with my hazel eyes. It was him. Those green eyes and black jet hair… Such an unique combination… It got to be him.

"You're lying right? You're an outer space alien right?" I asked. I can't stand up for my knees forbid me to. My brain is telling me that I am dreaming. I must be. I have to be.

Human turning into an alien under a curse by a witch… Does he think that this is a fairytale? And what's the ending? That we'll be living happily ever after?

…happily ever after…

I repeated those lines again and again in my head.

That's just the ending I wanted it to end up to be like. Him living with me, the two of us falling in love, living in a world nobody cares… I am contradicting myself.

He crouched down and looked at me at eye level.

"I am not, Jaclyn," he said, calling me by my full name.

His eyes seemed so honest like he had always been for the past month. He had never lied about him being an alien. I was always the one jumping into conclusions.

My tears trickled down on their own. Strange, what's there for me to cry about? If he is a human, then there's nothing I should be worrying about?

But… If he had turned back into a human, he would certainly go back to his house right?
He wiped away my tears with his thumbs and hugged me tightly.

"Don't cry, Jaclyn, don't cry," he cooed.

Under his smoothing voice, warm body, consistent patting on my back, I finally stopped crying.

"You promise you will never leave me alone?" I asked.

"I promise," he said.

"But what about your family and friends?" I asked. "Wouldn't you miss them?"

He stopped and hesitated, leaving a tense and heavy atmosphere between us, so heavy that I found difficulty in breathing.

"My family died a few years ago. My friends? I have none… Only you," he said, fingers touching my face, caressing my cheeks. They felt warm at the frist touch but gradually turned freezing cold.

He looked at me with those eyes he looked at the windows again.

He must have been lonely since then, the day his family died.

I smiled and hugged him.

"Can I kiss you?" he asked suddenly.

I pulled apart from the comfortable hug and looked at him.

"Erm… Sorry for the sudden request but…"

I shut up him by kissing his cheek.

"You can but before you kiss me, can you at least tell me your name?" I asked.

"Death, Jaclyn. It's Death."

And before I know it, his icy lips were touching my warm ones, as I was unknowingly brought into another dimension, another world, a world where the afterlife live…

"Yet another victim," Death's crooked smile was etched in my head forever.