The Prowlers of the Night

It was a lonely dark night as the man stepped off of his horse, and started to make camp for the night. He could hear the wolves in distance; he decided to have jerky and a tear from his tobacco. He did this because he didn't want to attract the wolves that drew closer to him. After he ate, he prepared for a fire; it was small, but warm. After this, he slept. He awoke later in the night around 11p.m. He could hear the wolves fighting and howling, just as a pack of wolves would, but within a short time he heard the shrieks of a woman. He could also hear sounds of ripping flesh. This cowboy had a good nose; he knew how to use it. He could smell blood. He thought to himself this cannot be a normal wolf pack, so he stomped out his little fire and mounted his horse. He rode on toward the racket in the night.

As he rode closer, the noises slowly got quieter like a bunch of children shushing each other to keep their hiding spot secret. Pausing for a moment he could see seven pairs of yellow eyes glowing in the nearby shrubs. But there was something human about these eyes; they were not quite wolf-like but not enough to be human. By now it was midnight and the moon was out and full. The man decided to ride past the wolves in effort to find the woman he heard shrieking. He came upon foot prints, bare human footprints along with dark drops he assumed to be blood by the way it shone in the moonlight. A little further ahead he could hear a whimpering noise he dismounted his horse and moved closer to it.

He could smell the blood, and he thought in his head what kind of brutal creature did this. He remembered back to his gunslinger days and remembered that he hunted a creature that devoured female blood. He never caught this beast; he had shot it twice once in the leg, and the other bullet grazed the beast's eyes as it fell to the ground. But before he reached the beast, all that remained was a pile of blood. He returned to the reality, and he walked over to the whimpering lady. He picked her up ever so lightly and gently put her on his horse, and walked alongside the horse toward the moon.

Slowly, as the moon began to sink and the sun came up, the woman started to stir. The man was surprised: this was not a woman but a girl of about sixteen with hair dark as night and skin as white as ivory. She had a pretty face clear of any blemishes, freckles, or imperfections. Then her eyes opened, they were the deepest dark green and shone in the very dim light. At first all the girl could do was stare with disbelief and fear in her eyes but when she realized she was in no immediate danger she calmed down only to erupt into tears. The man, shocked by this behavior, didn't know what to do. He felt so awkward walking there leading a horse with a crying girl on it so he asked the first question that come to mind.

"What's your name?" The words he spoke sounded too casual.

"What?" The girl's voice was surprisingly calm for somebody who was balling their eyes out. When the man looked up she had stopped crying and was looking down at him with red, puffy eyes.

"I asked what your name was." He said a little awkwardly. She stared at him for a little bit with a shocked expression on her face. She looked him right in the eye but her voice broke when she answered him back.

"I wish not to tell you my name," she said weakly as she dozed off to sleep once more. He walks through the desert very swift as the sun was rising. He had one goal in his mind: to reach the tenebris silva, the dark forest. He hated the desert in the day, but the forest was in view. In the desert that meant nothing. Hours later he had reached the forest edge and arosed the girl in hopes that the girl would relieve his horse of its burden.

"Would you like to walk for a spell, Black Jack's getting a little tired from carrying you all night, it won't be long till we stop to make camp anyways but we have to make it to the river before dark." He said with a deep sadness in his voice for he knows the dangers that come from this side of the forest.

"Sure" She mumbled before collapsing to the ground. The man quickly hurried over to help her up. When he grabbed her arm he almost let go; it was a cold as ice! Slowly she rose on her shaky legs and began walking with him into the forest.

For this was a bad idea for the young woman to walk, because she had been badly wounded. Despite the pain she walks with and as fast as the man they walk for an hour the man quickly and hesitantly "we shall here for the night." The girl was frightened with the idea that the night was lurking just beyond, but she lay upon the ground and tried to get comfortable while the man got wood for a fire. She never did like the idea of being alone in a forest, due to her misfortunate past. She heard a noise that sounded like someone or something was in forest, and she looked around. Out of the bushes came the man. It was know becoming dark and the fire had been brought forth by the man. The man threw his bed roll and said " keep warm, your wounded and I'm a strong man and all I need is a fire." He said not more but sat and stared at the fire. The girl took the bed roll but moved a little further away from the fire. The bright light was too much in this darkness. She has known and gotten used to darkness for most of her life. She thought of the previous night and shuddered; of all the dreadful and terrible things she has done, last night was the worst of them all.

After a few minutes the man could hear the girl's breathe deepen and become even. "Finally," he thought. Now he could think peacefully what he was going to do. Who is this girl? Where is she from? Why is her skin so cold? Why did he even take her with him?

These questions beckoned him as he moved closer to the girl in hopes to hear if she mutters in her sleep. She did nothing, but lay there peacefully he edged away from the girl slightly and sat and watched her sleep. He finally moved to the fire and slept, and he dreams of nothing. He was awakened by a heat not one made by a fire, at this feeling he slightly opened one eye and saw the woman lying beside him draping his arms around him. He slightly awoke her asking "Why have you come over here just to sleep with a man you hardly know?" She looked upon the man with a smile and a raise of her eyebrows and says one word "Nadine."