I knew before-hand that the day was coming; therefore I was able to prepare myself for it. So, when my family was ordered by the population control to congregate at my grandparents' house, at least one adult and all the children, I was ready.

My dad drove my two sisters, my two brothers, and myself to my grandparents' house ten minutes away, without saying a word. When we got there, my three uncles and their respective children were already there. We had arrived just in time. Two people in black suits came just after us. There was one woman and one man. They were from the population control.

When they entered the house they asked each parent to separate into a group with their children. We did as they asked.

The woman seemed to be in charge. She skimmed over my Uncle Will and his two boys, then my Uncle Danny and his two children. Then she looked at my Uncle Allen with his three daughters by him.

"Population control demands that every family have only two children per family." The woman said. "Which girl are you handing over for placement?"

Uncle Allen pushed his middle daughter forward. She was seven, and the least favorite of my aunt, I knew. She was also the most difficult. The woman motioned the man forward, and he took my cousin's hand, leading her out to the black van they had parked outside.

Then the woman came to us.

"Which three are you giving for placement?" She asked.

"My daughters." My dad replied.

"Very well. Let's go, girls." The woman said, motioning for us to follow.

As we followed her to the van, I never looked back. My grandfather followed us out.

"My wife and I don't have any children living with us. Could we choose from our granddaughters?" He asked the woman.

"Yes." The woman replied.

So my grandfather placed a hand on each of my sisters' shoulders and led them back inside.

I climbed into the van and sat beside my cousin.

This Lily was being transplanted. And I decided right then and there that, through it all, I was going to thrive.

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