It's okay to feel vulnerable

I felt trapped, forced and blackmailed

I wanted the

Sexual pressure,

Beating and screaming

To stop

I wanted it to be different,

Less yelling

Less beating

More freedom

But I could no longer reach through to the person I'd fallen in love with

I cried when I was alone, I felt vulnerable and broken

I couldn't trust you; you were too forceful

I wanted less yelling,


More safety

I wanted to stand on my own two feet

I wanted to live my own life

I wanted to even the odds

But I felt vulnerable and used,

I couldn't handle it

I met someone to talk to

Someone to help me and tell of these things

That I wanted:

Less beating,

More safety and

End of the territorial behavior

Through conversation, I found myself again

Through a network

Of friends and family

I learned

That it is okay to feel vulnerable