War Within

An innocent child unaware
that happiness is something rare.
Carefree days are so sweet but short.
The future holds a different sort.

Nearly grown, the struggle begins,
but be ready– it always wins.
Brief, the fight, when the time has come,
pain and despair to it succumb.

On the verge of having a choice,
but held hostage by a small voice.
The future held by broken clasp,
cold silver is all you will grasp.

The monster leaves you without hope,
hanging on with a fraying rope.
No one sees the storm clouds ahead,
or how the future's painted red.

Everything gone– the spoils of war.
What were you even fighting for?
All you loved is completely lost,
was this battle worth such a cost?

Surrender is the only way
to keep all the villains at bay.
The darkness must be fought within,
trapped forever in your skin.