From the fringe of open spaces the wind provokes lost souls from the shallows
Secrets of obscurity twists in the twilight as ink smears across the sky
Behind the veil mystery hides monsters growing larger

As the candle's light flickers their silhouette's crest on the foot of my bed
Distorted beast reflect the emptiness of ghosts calling for moments of dread

The vein of their existence resting upon luminescent grins

They are looking for a chance their faces to be seen at night
Be more then just backgrounds and scenery
To walk towards the light and not shutter and fade
Their howls will never be heard behind the cloak of shallows over their faces

Holding out for light they crawl closer become giants spreading their limbs
They stir and flex in nights coffin enclosed between these walls as they dim
I've been saving the nails between my teeth to try and hold down my sanity
Been trying to grip candles like stars for my wishes to reach humanity
A cold gaze rattles these bone in the wake of a sunrise to end nights of terror

I stopped having dreams when nights become filled with unknown faces
Reminding me there is an edge that separates me from darkness
To know there is something out there and its waiting, hearless
Its been waiting to swallow bridges and bury skin
To separate flesh from shadow to walk un-tethered
The way outcast detach sorrow from soul to escape this world unfettered

The dreary silence echoes and gurgles in my chest
Heavy breaths are the only witness to somber deceit of the shallows calling my name
Before dawn breaks backs and forces shadows into hiding
They tightly wrap themselves around the corners of everything
Between the hours of sun they wait contemplating purpose, mimicking their host
From depths of the shallows moving between the world of the living, and the world of the ghost