Why yes, there are some chapters missing.

I'm glad you noticed.

This story is undergoing some major changes sometime in the near future when I can get my hands on an agreeable computer and time. Reading over this, I'm just utterly surprised at all the mistakes I made. So, if your favorite chapter goes poof… you know why.

Also—another bough of shameless self-promotion.
I'm posting a new story that I've been working on. It's completely in verse. I am not a big fan of poems. I don't like writing them, and I definitely don't like reading them. The only poems I enjoy are haikus and couplets, probably because they're short and sweet. Anyways, I thought I could use more practice in writing in verse. The story could very well be written regularly, though, it just… isn't.

In my English class, we were tasked with researching some facts about Elizabethan England to prepare for Julius Caesar. Joy of joys. Aside from Othello, I utterly despise Shakespeare's works. I'm probably going to get a ton of hate for that, but it's the truth. Romeo and Juliet was torture both times I read it. But, I'm getting off of topic.

My research topic was the Elizabethan Era in general. I was really interested in the utter irony of the fact that women were so heavily restricted while a woman sat on the throne. So I decided I would do a little more research about the women of the era and tell the tale of a noblewoman in the point of view of a servant boy. It's probably not completely accurate, but I think it's decent. The main character, the servant boy, draws pictures of his environment (And, most importantly, the noblewoman, who is referred to as Her during the whole story and her husband Him). Obviously, I can't add the pictures, but I will find a way to get them onto the Interwebz to share with you all.

Look out for Unsung.

Zeitgeist 22 is undergoing some major editing, but it will be up soon.