Silver Bullet

Why believe what we can't see?

There's a void to repair in every person

Something to be spoken to every soul

This shredding animosity

Will feast on ambitious greed of the deserted

Infecting all that's left to do the same

So who am I to justify the sins this time

When their sins are the same as mine

I'm no saint in this war

A lone silver bullet in my weapon's chamber

There's no such thing as an ideal right

And now this beast shall die from my eternal night

Labeled abnormality

A selected disposition of our senses

Controlled by public judgment that they decide

Have I seen as they have seen?

What greater fear than that of manifestations yet to happen

When your reflection is not your own

A twisted transformational pesticide

That melts the mind

I'm not a mighty god

Hardly a silver bullet will this silver bullet make me

We'll all choose wrong in time

This beast is now in my sights

Pieced by a silver bullet