Almost nothing remains of the civilised, quiet girl that had once inhabited this body. She is gone, I replace her. I am her. My name is Rosalie, I've forgotten my second name. It seems pointless to have one here. My island is mine again. No-one else is here but me. There are the occasional visitors but they never stay longer than a few nights on the beach. I lay on a thick branch, playing with the flowers that hang down from a higher branch in chains I'd made, with my spear. Their scent soothes me, sometimes I wonder if these black flowers are some sort of drug but it doesn't bother me. I look far different than I once did, blonde reaches my shoulders then pink reaches past my rear end, it's messy but I like it. Black paint made of ash always covers my body in intricate patterns along with the blood of my kills. I wear my black skinny jeans and a strapless black bra, criss crossing black satin ribbon goes from my wrists to past my elbow. My knife sits in a loose black leather belt along with my magnifying glass for making fires. One thing about me that truly stands out, the thing I always have with me, is my spear. The bark was shaven from it, leaving it a light beige with criss crossing black ribbon on it too, dark red stains the top half of the spear. Blood. It's under my fingernails too, over my body, my spear, my hands. It doesn't bother me.

I don't stay in my camp anymore. I sleep mainly in trees on thick branches. I learned never to sleep in thinner trees because you just may wake up mid fall then be knocked out again by the ground hitting you in the head. Not pleasant.

You know the funny thing? I don't regret coming back to the island, however I miss the structure of civilised life. Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to school, come back, eat, do homework, get dressed, sleep. It was monotonous but it had some structure. Here I have a routine of sorts too, wake up, find fruit to eat, bathe, apply paint, hunt, cook and eat what I catch, bathe to get rid of the blood, apply paint, entertain myself, sleep and repeat. The only real thing that bothers me about the island would be the lack of things to entertain myself with. I could practice hunting, I could climb trees or rocks or a mountain, I could dive from the cliff I had found, or I could swim. Don't get me wrong, I adore it here. The scent of flowers and clean air as you fall asleep, bathing in a stream of pure water, the feeling of leaves and vines on your skin as you run. It is nothing short of amazing.

"Ow!" My thoughts were disturbed as something fell from a branch above me and hit my head. Stupid tree. As I prepared to move, a sound disturbed me. A loud, rumbling sound. I sat up carefully and stood on the branch I was in and peered through a ceiling of leaves at the sky. A white figure swooped past, faster than anything I had ever seen. Needless to say, I followed it, sprinting through the trees, my eyes to the sky following it. Finally, I made it to the beach just in time to see the white figure crash violently into the sea and submerge. I was tempted to leave but as I figured out what it was, I couldn't help myself. The people on the plane. Why should they have to drown just because I didn't feel like saving them? I bit my lip then dropped my spear and ran into the water before swimming as fast as I could for a few moments before the plane came into view. I could see the lights flickering on and off, people screaming, trying to get the door open and failing, through the windows. Passengers watched me with hopeful eyes as I swam. The tears I had begun to shed disappeared in the sea as I wrenched the door op the plane open. Months on my island had granted me with great strength. I swam inside as some began to swim out. Most passengers had died already from the the crash, some were struggling with their seatbelts. I cut them off for them. Once everyone who was alive were out of the plane, I shot for the surface.

I surveyed the ten survivors as they looked at me, unsure of me. They all appeared to be around my age and younger. Mainly boys with only two little girls around six who held hands, best friends apparently.

"Who are you?" A particularly brave ten year old boy asked me. I smiled at him and dug my spear hard into the sand to draw attention to it. "Are you in a tribe?"

"No. My name is Rosalie and when I trust you, you will learn more about me. All you need to know is that I am the only one on this island and without me, you would have been dead by now. You may still die if you don't listen to me." A shiver went through the group. "Chances are, nobody knows you are here, nobody knows I'm here either. But I'm here by choice. Now, if you'd like to survive, I'll need you to listen carefully. First, we'll find out everyone's names. Second, we'll find my old camp and adapt it for more than one person and third, we'll make a few alterations to your outfits."

"Alterations?" Someone asked, a boy around my age, not that I actually know my age but he seems to be around it.

"Trousers to shorts, add some paint and a spear."

"Why do we need a spear?" Same boy.

"Defend yourself, hunt, things like that."

"Defend against what?! Hunt?! What for?!" Everyone asked almost simultaneously.

"There are some big cats. Not many now, they kept attacking me so I've fought with lots and won against every single one, I have the scars to prove it. You'll have to learn to hunt soon, I'll teach you, it's because most of the fruit here can make you ill, trust me, I know. I usually hunt boars or something like that." I looked around them once. "While you are here, I am your chief. Is anyone injured?" A little boy put up his hand, the other one holding a deep cut on his ankle. "How on earth did you do that?!"

"I bumped it on something while I was swimming out." I put my spear through a loop on my skinny jeans and the other end through my bra then leaned down.

"Would you like me to carry you?" He nodded a little then I picked him up, sitting him on my hip and motioning for everyone to follow. "Stay close." They didn't have to, really. There was no danger but best to have them on edge and obeying.

The little girls had taken to holding my hands, one holding each as the little boy gripped my neck almost painfully. One hand toyed with the ribbon around my neck, the other held his own wrist.

"If you've lived here, why are you so pale?" Someone asked behind me, not challengingly, just curious.

"I stay in the jungle, I barely ever actually go into direct sunlight." A rustling sound startled me and I stopped short. I let go of the girls and handed the little boy to one of the older kids.

"What is it?" One whispered. I grinned as I took out my spear.

"Dinner." I crouched down and allowed myself to slip into hunter mode, ignoring the fascinated people behind me. It was a reasonably big boar, larger than what I usually went after, but this had to do eleven people so I got down lower in the long grass then threw my spear hard, it implanted itself into the boars stomach. A terrified squeal was heard and before it could run, I was on it's back, slitting it's throat. I replaced my knife after cleaning it on my jeans then put my spear back in it's usual place and picked the boar up by the back legs, swinging it over one shoulder. The wide eyes I faced when I got back to my tribe told me I was drenched in blood and scary looking. I smiled to get rid of some of the fear.

"Hope you like pork. What? Oh, don't look at me like that! I'm hungry and you probably are too. Now unless you want to get sick from the fruit, I suggest you get used to seeing things like that." They loosened up a little and the little injured boy reached out for me, still wanting to be carried by me.

"He almost dropped me!" I laughed At his excuse. One little girl held my free hand, the other wrapped an arm around my thigh and we were off again towards my old camp.

As they sat around the fire I had lit, eating their meat, I built more shelters. We decided I would sleep in my old shelter. The little girls would have their own shelter and the rest of the boys would be split between two shelters, four in each. The shelters were nowhere near as large or as decorated as mine but I told them if they wanted to add to theirs, it was fine. After I built their shelters, I went to the fire where they all sat.

"When I point to you, say your name and age." I pointed to one of the little girls, her big brown eyes staring at me, her fingers playing with her dark hair.

"Katy. I'm six and a half."

"Daisy. I'm seven." The other little girl, she had blond hair and emerald green eyes surrounded by long, light eyelashes.

"Zack. I'm fifteen." He was pale with black hair that I distinctly remembered calling 'emo hair' before I lived on my island. And those eyes...obscenely light blue eyes.

"Jonathen. Twelve" he had light brown hair and grey eyes.

"Harry. Ten." He had blonde hair and green eyes

"Michael. Seven." He had dark brown hair and chocolate coloured eyes with a sweet face to match.

"Jaden. Eleven." He had a dark tan with light hair, an odd combination.

"Zain. Fourteen." He had a flame of ginger hair and a few freckles over his nose. Somehow, he reminded me of someone I once knew. Paige. Before my thoughts could linger, I turned to the injured boy.

"I'm Mark. I'm seven."

"Alright, let's get that ankle seen to, then I'll show you a few things and we can get a few things sorted out."

Everyone watched me as I cleaned the cut on the child's ankle using the remnants of my old t-shirt which was hanging nearby from my first time on the island, soaked in water from the nearby stream. I had sat him behind me so he could grip my waist if it hurt. I couldn't actually breathe any more Next, I wrapped the shirt around his ankle nice and tight, satisfied with my work. He let go and when I turned around, he hugged me. I smiled then lifted him up.

I showed them the basics, the stream to drink from, the pond to have a bath in, everything except the cave behind the waterfall on the other side of my island. That was my place, my quiet sanctuary.

We walked around until we began to yawn and the boy I carried fell asleep in my arms and began drooling down my back before we went back to the shelters. I placed the boy in my shelter, deciding I'd let him sleep in my shelter just this once. Never again though. No matter how adorable he looks when he curls into my side. And he really does look cute.

The next morning is when the fun began. My tribe sat around the smoking ashes of the fire that had just gone out eating fruit I had gathered before they woke up. I stood before them, holding my spear out to the side and put my free hand on my hip just above my knife.

"Today, I will teach you all to hunt, apart from you, Mark. You will wait until that ankle gets better. You may stay here if you wish, Katy and Daisy would probably be best staying here too, actually, you know what? Everyone who is under nine will stay here. But I'm still going to help you camouflage yourself and use a spear in self defence." I told them. I wasn't going to leave them unprotected. I grabbed the beaker from my shelter, I had cleaned it since I last made my paint so I went and filled it a little with water from the stream then sat my the ash and scooped a lot into it. I mixed it a little with one finger before going to sit by the two girls.

"Keep still." Katy nodded then I began to create a pattern over her face. I frowned at the outfit she was wearing. A long sleeve top with jeans. I didn't ask permission before I tore the sleeves from her shirt. She didn't complain, simply smiled at the feeling of a breeze on her warm skin. I took her hand and pulled her up.

"Let's go do something about those jeans." She nodded. Once we got to a more private place, she removed them and handed them to me. I took out my knife and cut them into shorts and handed them back to her. She also took off her shoes and socks. I had her tie the sleeves from her top around her feet to protect them a little. I took her back to the camp and then went to Daisy then made my way around all the boys, most of them simply had to remove their shirts, tear their trousers and have me apply their paint. After I had finished, they all went off to play near the camp until I was left with Zack. I happened to notice the slightly defined muscles over his torso as he removed his shirt. I put my finger into the ash and he closed his eyes, thank goodness. Had he kept them open, he would have noticed my dark blush as I made patterns over his face and chest.

Once my fingertips came off of his skin, he opened his eyes and I called everyone back apart from Mark who had been limping nearby.

"Next, I'll make you all spears. However, you must promise not to injure each other with them." Nods and murmurs were exchanged. "Alright, everyone please stay in camp. I'll be back soon." I put my spear in it's usual position then set off.

It didn't take me long to gather ten long branches or to get back to camp. A few of the younger kids swarmed around me as I began shaving the bark from the branches and sharpening the tips. Each time I finished, I handed it to a different child then when everyone had theirs, i lit the fire and got them to hold their spears over it. Next, it was just a case of teaching a few of them to hunt, some days off of hunting could only be good.