The gathering berries ended in a bath, throwing fruit at each other leaves you pretty colourful. We'd just dived into the pond fully clothed, uncaring. The bath ended up in an all out splash fight, no, war. Getting out of the pond was just as difficult, the weight of wet hair and clothes was enough but when you add in the fact that the moment either of us got close to getting out, the other would push us back in. Finally we managed to get out and lay on the side of the pond before we went back to the camp with the bag we'd made from Zack's t-shirt full of fruit.

"You wanna wake everyone up yet?" He asked.

"Nah, I'm going to get my paint, put it on us both then we're going to eat as much of this as we can before they wake up." I smirked.

"You are a horrible, sinister, evil excuse for a girl and I absolutely love it." I shook my head at his joke then ran to my shelter and grabbed my paint before going back to where Zack sat, trying to ignore his eyes on me as I painted myself. Next I turned to him.

"Shall I or would you rather do it on your own?"

"I'd only mess it up." I dipped my fingers in the paint and brought it to his face. I painted a thick line across his eyes like a mask. Next I painted two lines on each cheek then my eyes wandered to the plain skin of the bottom of his face. I've attacked wild cats, survived for lord knows how long and even almost drowned swimming into a sinking plane, so why is it so damn terrifying to touch his lips? I shrug it off and touch just below his bottom lip and drew a line down his chin. I left a space of skin visible on either side of the line then put another line there.

"Done." I put the paint down and wiped my fingers on my skinny jeans. I picked a berry from the bag and threw it in my mouth, grinning at him.

"It's so strange..."

"What?" I asked when my mouth was empty.

"Being here...I never imagined myself in this situation. And now, here I am, with a girl who's survived here on her own for a long time, comfortable as I ever was." He smiled as he said it. I handed him a piece of fruit I couldn't remember the name of and then took one for myself.

"Well, I never pictured I'd be able to live like this either, but now I barely remember anything before..."

"Do you remember anything?"

"I remember my mother vaguely, I don't remember having a father, I wasn't popular at school, I think I had a few friends though, one best friend. Never had my first kiss, never had a boyfriend. I don't really remember much to be completely honest."

"Does it bother you?"

"No, none of the boys I knew were really all that interesting..."

"I meant the fact that you don't remember much..."

"Oh! No, not at all." I was blushing under my black paint, giggling while he laughed at my embarrassment.

Lol, Rosalie is not the best at talking to boys. Fighting big cats? Sure. Survive on a deserted island? No problem. Talk to boys? Nope! Is anyone out there enjoying this story? Like, anyone at all?