By the time I woke up, Zack was sat up beside me, smiling down at me. God, he's beyond perfect.

"Good morning." He let the words roll from his tongue


"We should probably get back and repair whatever's been broken." He grinned at me. I stretched out like a cat then went back to my curled up position, pushing myself into the leaves.

"You go do that, I'll be there soon, I've got a few things I gotta get done. Oh, and by the way, try not to let anyone in on this place, 'kay?" He nodded then left. A few things to do. That doesn't cover it. Being with people again has made me a little self conscious of my appearance so the only reasonable thing to do is to try to...we...improve it. I'd thought of it before, even considered what to do about it so all I really need is a plan of action...

A bath first. That's a given. I looked at myself, caked in dry blood and dirt, new clothes? My torn skinny jeans with the faded black dye seemed to agree. But where would I get clothes? I can make a basic shelter but making clothes from nothing was just a little out of my league. Realisation hit me like a truck. There was one place on the island that might have clothes. One place I never go, a place where my civilisation and sanity had been. The old campsite. The one I had come here for the first time. Could I...? Would my stuff even still be there? Of course it would! Why would they take tents and suitcases for the dead? What good would it do? A grim thought, but a logical one. As logical as my sick mind ever gets.

I strutted into the camp, refusing to allow it to effect me. I looked around at the tattered remains of tents, half buried by the moving sand, the blood red sand covered, the gruesome scene covered. It wasn't hard to find the tent me and that girl had shared...what was her name again? Paige... that's it. Paige. I pushed away what was left of the entrance flap and peered around, The bloodied blankets were still at the end of Paige's deflated bed. I refused to look at that side of the tent any more. I turned my attention to my side.

I smirked at that thought, all this time, all that's happened and I still consider this mine. Sick, sick, sick. I deserve to be in the mental institution but to be honest, why change? My mind is like this for a reason. My mind. I knelt at the area I had called mine and retrieved the almost familiar black bag. Even after so long, when I picked it up, I felt like an innocent young schoolgirl going away on a school trip as I had once been.

I took it to the waterfall, my space, and sat it next to the pond. Next, after a quick look around, I removed my clothes, or what was left of them, and lowered myself into the water. I took extra time to let my body get as clean as it could on it's own, my hair underwater, then opened my suitcase and looked for anything that would help me. A little turquoise toiletries bag almost made me scream out in delight as it opened to reveal soap, shampoo and conditioner! Part of me wondered why I didn't do this earlier but there was simply no need. No-one was around, I was comfortable, it really didn't matter. I scrubbed myself with the soap and then went to work on my hair, my grunts of annoyance and pain ringing with every knot I encountered. Next, I cautiously shaved my legs and underarms with the now unfamiliar tool known as a razor.

Once that was done, I sat on the edge of the pond, still naked, and bruched out my hair. While it was a mess of curls and knots and matted sections, it reached halfway down my thigh, out of it's mess, it reached almost to my knees. Plus I managed to dislodge quite a few twigs and leaves and dead flowers.

I dug through my bag some more until I found a few fluffy white towels to dry myself off with then dug some more, looking for something suitable to wear. I laid out each article, unaltered as of yet, on the ground. A black corset style top with puffy pink sleeves to match the pink ribbon lacing it up the front seemed as though I could do something with it to make it able to survive, it was made of some sort of thick material in place of my flimsy little t-shirts that would never last a day, a pair of black shorts, a chunky black belt, thigh high black socks and knee high black boots, one of the few pieces of footwear without a heel I owned.

I took the top and tore the puffy little sleeves off, they'd never survive anyway, then I took the pink ribbon from the loops and used black shoelace from a pair of lace up stiletto boots I had with me. Seriously? Was I really that stupid? Stiletto boots? On an island? God I was moron! I laced the top up with it and held it back to examine it. Satisfied, I began dressing, trying to adjust to actually wearing proper clothes.

I looked down at myself and decided I looked decent, then swung my hair round to my front over my shoulder, still damp. I put it into a rough braid, the sections not quite equal, then tied it with the pink ribbon I had taken from my top.

Next, just as I was about to zip up the suitcase, something else piqued my interest, a little bag. I took it out and opened to find my previous best friends. My make-up. I shook my head, no way! Well, perhaps just a little. No! No make-up! But plucking my eyebrows seemed like a good idea...

I held the little mirror steady and rested my other elbow on my knee as I sat cross legged, then took the first hair in the tweezers and pulled. The once painful event was nothing now. Every scar on my body had been more painful healing than this was. I finished, not making them too thin, just shaped. I put on the chunky belt, not putting it through my belt loops, just letting it sit on one hip then attached my knife to it. I looked into the water at my reflection, pleased that I managed to look somewhat presentable.

I picked up my other outfit, deciding I should probably use it at hunting gear, sort of, to stop my other clothes being ruined.

I walked my way back to camp after hiding my suitcase in the cave behind the waterfall, stumbling and dragging my feet at the unusual weight of boots on my feet. I ignored the looks I got from my tribe as I walked.

"Nice outfit." Zack came up behind me. "Where'd you get it?" I turned to face him smirking,

"Totally made it from plants n' shit." I held back laughs as he appeared to believe me. "Tell you later."

"Will you ever tell me something when I ask?"

"Maybe." I turned to my tribe, sitting in a haphazard circle around the spot where the fire had been. "Alright, I promised to get you all rescued and I will but I will need your help. I haven't ever tried to get rescued on purpose before so..." Looks were exchanged between them all before screams of joy were exchanged among the boys and the little girls sat cheering, holding hands.