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"Dance with me?" A voice behind me said.

I turned around and was faced with a masked prince. His cobalt blue eyes pleaded with me through his silver mask. His suit matched his mask. He was on one knee, hand held out to mine.

"Yes." I said, putting my hand in his and letting him led me away on to the dance floor.

Just as his hands went on to my shoulder and waist respectively, Purple Rain by Prince came on.

We started twirling in the middle of the dance floor under the dim light.

"You are beautiful, you know that?" He said.

I blushed underneath my mask. I had on a pure white dress that had sparkles on the chest and had an A-line shape. My mask and heels had sparkles on to match my dress. I had simple white jewellery on. My light brown hair was simply in a bun with a few tendrils hanging down.

I leaned my head against his strong shoulder as we swayed. I sighed contentedly.

I had thought that I wouldn't get a single dance all now, but now I was dancing with a mysterious prince.

The clock struck midnight.

"Time to take off those masks now!" trilled Miss North, up on the stage.

There were gasps and screams as the masks were taken off by the owners.

My prince had stopped dancing and was taking his mask off his face. It was Felix Montgomery.

"Felix!" I said happily.

"Now take yours off princess." Felix said, confidently.

With trembling fingers, I untied my mask and took it off. I waited with bated breath.

"Katie…you're so pretty tonight." Felix said, his right hand on my cheek, his other on my waist.

"Thank you." I said humbly, blushing again.

"Can I kiss you?" Felix asked shyly.

I nodded.

His lips pressed on mine gently and when his tongue asked for entrance, I let it in.

We pulled away from each other and I stared into his eyes.

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