The bedroom was illuminated by a multitude of vanilla scented candles, the scent mingling with my sweet perfume and his after shave. Soft toys were piled in the corner along with decorative scatter cushions and large pillows from the bed. Bottles, jars and aerosols lined the looming, dark wood bookcase; all make up or hair products I sometimes wore. A large number of books also stood to attention on one of the shelves; annuals, horse books, story books from my childhood… The airing cupboard was in my room, that's where the cushioned leaned; against the door in that corner. A large poster of Ed Sheeran was blue tacked to the door. The bed covers were pulled back slightly, the patchwork bedspread wrinkling.

The feel of the fabric against my skin was divine; lace underwear under brand new jeans and my favourite blouse. I knew he liked the outfit I'd chosen by the way his eyes had grazed over me, drinking me in like he'd found a spring in the dessert. I'd curled my hair into bouncing ringlets around my face.

"Lie down," I said softly to him as I held his hands, standing next to the bed. He listened and sat down, then leaned back to rest his head on the pillow. I laid down beside him, both of us still on top of the covers. I drew my body near, inhaling the intoxicating scent of his skin. Slowly, I eased myself to straddle him; leaning over so soft curls fell onto his cheeks. He shook them away so as not to let the strands of hair touch his lips as I kissed him. The feeling enthralled me as a world of passionate perfection surrounded me. The unexplainable tension grew between us and an instinctive longing took over...

I sat up once more; my legs still comfortably either side of his hips. Carefully, I unbuttoned my blouse and slid my arms out of it, neatly flattening it and dropping it on the floor. He caressed me with his eyes as I removed my white lace bra, knowing he wouldn't be forward enough to take it off for me. Seconds later, I was back, planting gentle kisses on his face and neck, feeling him gradually relax and warm under me…

"Sit up a bit," I asked, whispering into his ear. As he did, I gently lifted the hem of his t shirt and pulled it up and over his head. Once again, I flattened it and dropped it onto the floor as neatly as I could. When our skin touched again, the effect was electric, causing bolts of euphoria to race through my veins. The warmth between my legs began to intensify…

Temptation got the better of me as I undid his jeans, pulling them down slightly – just enough to free his manhood. I held it in my right hand, rubbing smoothly at the sensitive skin, searching for his sweet spot. I glanced up; his eyes were closed with appreciation. Without saying a word, I moved to kiss him again, taking my hand away from his erection to run it up and over his muscular abdomen.

After what felt like an age of kissing, I got up to remove my jeans.

"Do you want me to take my knickers off too?"

"It's up to you," he answered, so as not to pressure me. I chose to anyway, comfortable with my own nudity. He gazed at me as I came over to the bed to help him out of his jeans and boxers. I got back into bed and pulled the covers up to our waists.

"You can touch me if you like?" I suggested, a smile touching my eyes. Moments after the words left my lips, I felt his fingers between my thighs, swirling, tempting, pleasuring… I caressed his lips with my own, moaning softly to myself. Something began to build deep inside me, I reached down to stop his hand, to stop the building… I wanted to save myself for him.

"Do you want to go on top, or me?" I asked. He responded by gently easing himself between my thighs, his movement stiff and nervous.

"Come here, don't be nervous," I said, sitting up and holding him to me.

"I'll try not to be," he answered, smiling so his eyes glimmered in the candle light. I smiled back, and reached over to my bedside table to pick up a foil packet. I gave it to him gingerly. He took it, exhaled, and then ripped it open. He slowly rolled the 'extra safe' condom down over his length, I watched him intently, the anticipation almost unbearable.

"Relax," he told me, noticing my laboured breathing. I lay back down, allowing him to move back on top of me. I felt his erection rest on my stomach.

"Gently please?" I asked, running my fingers through the back of his hair. He nodded, positioning himself. I felt it come to rest at the very opening… I claimed his lips once more as I waited for the inevitable explosion of sensation. As carefully as he could, he slid into me, filling me. The stretching made me wince but the pleasure soon took over as he found his rhythm. Gradually, our bodies moved in unison, my hips meeting his, thrust for thrust. His breath fogged my glasses as the feeling pushed him closer to his climax. I felt my own build once again. My hands found their place at the small of his back while his right hand squeezed my breasts in turn and his left held my head so our lips met in a continuous, heated kiss.

"Just a tiny bit harder honey," I asked, my voice little more than a pleasured whisper. Moans escaped my throat as I felt it take hold, not a single way of holding it back. "Oh my gosh Mike…" I whimpered, my body awakening into a euphoric climax.

"I'm coming Sarah…" he whispered passionately as he poured himself into me, a small moan releasing itself… Gently, he withdrew and took the condom off, knotting it and putting it in the bin before coming back to hold me tenderly. I had turned on my side to face him as he stroked along my curves with one hand, his other arm pulling me into a tight embrace. I yawned noiselessly.

"Go to sleep babe, I'll still be here in the morning and for every morning after that, I promise," he said softly. His words floated into my ears like the sweetest of lullabies as I drifted off into a peaceful sleep in his arms.