White satin secrets,

Dark veiled promises

Closeted dreams

Screamed out hopes

A piece of you fades out

And that's what I miss most.

Another jagged edge,

Another erased shape,

Another ended to early dream

Rushed by the start of a new day.

Caressing jagged edges

Smoothed out glass

Cotton cuts

And metal pillows

I see a shadow of you

Move like the branches of a willow

Soft against a storm,

Blowing gently

As a hurricane comes to steal

You away.

I want you to stay

But the storm is to great,

And slowly, I see you slipping away.

Closed stairs

Open eyed sleep

Words with no voice

Songs with no words

I want to hear you,

I want to see you,

I want to understand,

But you won't take me with you,

What you do,

Where you go,

You say it's to frightening for me to know.

So many things pull you away,

The storm inside you pulls you in

Like a tidal wave of darkens

But I know if you fight, you can win.

Don't give up,

Please, teach me how to beat it

Show me how were stronger,

I need to see how to fight the

Darkness inside.