Crimson, trickling down my arm in a meandering river.
Again, I press the cold clinical silver to your soft skin. It dips, then gives way, splitting with a glorious smooth motion into a long red line.
A second branch of the river flows out from the ravine of warm flesh, joining and supplementing the first. When it reaches the curve of your torso, it pauses in a painfully long moment, then slips over the edge, sliding down my skin and staining my white trousers.
It is such a perfect combination, the soft innocent pale skin, the pink flesh, the hot flow of your life's essence and the surgical coldness of the blade, that my breath catches in my throat.

Surely, this is true beauty.

You appeared a month ago. The other girls taunted you and mocked you and pushed you around when the teacher wasn't looking. Even when she spotted them, she just told them to "play nicely, girls," and turned away, oblivious to your torment.

The boys were no better. They sided with the girls, calling cruel things, pulling your hair, knocking the books from your arms and telling you not to be clumsy.
At lunch break, I saw you run from the room. You locked yourself in the toilets. I could hear your sobs even from outside.

And then... You looked at me. Really looked. You saw me. Nobody sees me – I'm just there. But you found a kindred spirit in the darkness. We walked home together that day. I was quiet, but so were you. We spent it in companionable silence, and when we parted, you said you would see me the next day.

That was a perfect moment. Your hair fluttering in the breeze, your eyes glittering... your sharp nails unconsciously stroking the soft perfect skin over your wrists, following the blue lines of your veins. How I would love to be the one to claim you and release you from this miserable existence.

The others were nothing compared to you. I helped them escape, but now I know my true purpose – to free you. After you're free and gone, I can follow you.

You will be mine. I will free you. Soon, my love, we will be together forever, away from the troubles of everyday life.

I took you to the river, lined with willows and ancient yews. You lay on the bank. When you closed your eyes, you seemed so... peaceful. So content. Soon, I would close those eyes forever.

But then you opened them and rose, and I had to swallow my disappointment. I was consoled by telling myself it would be permanent very quickly.

So soon, yet so long. We will be free, my sweet.

You've gone now, my dear. You left me. But it's okay, because I sent you away.

You screamed though. Why did you scream? No-one would hear you. Can't you see I was helping you?

Someone lesser would have... taken you before finishing it. I would have, if you were one of the others. But you were too pure, too perfect, to defile like that.

It's time for me to join you. This knife has claimed one life tonight - let's make it two. I wonder if anyone will find us, or if they will understand. No matter.

I'm coming, my love.