She flipped over the logs and shot the wild hog. The wild hog squealed and rolled, slowly dying. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and sprinted towards the game.

"Eh, only 20 pound hog. I've seen better, Autumn."

The girl that jogged towards the game scowled. "Ashley, what do you want?"

The girl named Ashley rolled her eyes. "Isn't it obvious? New target."

"Well, no. And I thought we weren't doing that anymore."

"Well, things change."

"In 48 hours?"

"Um, no. 47 hours, 40 minutes, and 3 seconds. 4 seconds, 5 seconds, 6 seconds, 7 sec-"

"Okay, okay, I get it, Ashley! Gosh, you're so annoying."

Ashley chuckled. "Tell that to Summer, April, May, and June."

"Who're they?"

Ashley looked down sadly. "Kaitlin, Amber, Anise, and Taryn didn't make their last target."

Autumn gulped and looked at the blurring ground. "What...What happened?"

"They underestimated their target. Our next target will prove if we can avenge the deaths of them."

"T-Taryn. What happened to her?"

"We're not sure, really. But she sure got tortured. There were stab wounds, but we're not sure if it was that."

"Taryn...Taryn..." Autumn sobbed and Ashley hugged her awkwardly. Well, because...Ashley is "5'2" and Autumn is "6'11".

Ashley has dark brown hair that falls to her waist and chocolate brown eyes. Not milk chocolate, but dark chocolate brown . She has a feminine, yet petite stature.

Autumn. Ah, Autumn. She has fiery red hair that is always tied up into a ponytail. Her ponytail falls to the middle of her back. She's curvy, and like all of them, fit.

"Autumn, we have to go. Now. Boss is waiting for us."

Autumn rubbed her eyes and looked at the 20 pound hog. Its motionless eyes seemed to be looking at her every move. She left the arrow and followed Ashley to HQ. If only she grabbed that arrow...

The girls were waiting for Ashley and Autumn.

May had black hair that reached her shoulders and enticing ice blue eyes. She was "6'5", so, taller than Ashley and shorter than Autumn. She had a well-built figure.

Summer has auburn hair that was put into a long braid. She had black eyes, was "6'4", and to put it straight, they all have to be fit to be here.

April has blonde hair and green eyes that grabbed attention. She was "6'3".

Lastly, June. June had light brown hair that was in a boyish cut and dark blue eyes. She was "6'6". Looks like Ashley is the shortest.

Ashley pouted and Autumn smiled. "Ashley, what's wrong?"

Ashley glared at Autumn. "You know what it is." Ashley walked towards a clear tube and picked up a file that was in mint condition. She then opened it and scanned over it. "Autumn...I'll take this one myself."

Autumn's eyebrows raised and she grabbed the file. Her eyes quickly scanned the file and they widened. She then looked at Ashley. "This is a team effort, Ashley. You can't take this upon yourself."

"But we're only jailing these dudes! Nothing difficult!"

"That's what..." Autumn gulped. "Taryn and they thought. And now, now...they're gone."

Ashley looked down. "Don't mention those names ever again." She then walked off into the training room.