Goodbye, Church bells

She stood at the marble archway, her back to me. Her white overflowing wedding dress glimmered with diamond rhinestones and pearls. Her long veil hid the happiness on her blue colored eyes and the Alstroemeria that she held on her hands promised her of good fortune with her one true love.

I watched her took a step towards the wooden closed door, her heart thumps uncontrollably as anxiousness filled her with thoughts of tomorrow and the future ahead. Her dress shimmered just like her twinkling smile that brightens up a mourning night.

The church bells began to toll their harmonious melodies and I watched the doors open; light encompassing the shimmering star in front of me. She took a deep breath, her hands tight on the bundle of flowers on her hands. I see her smile again and before she could enter the church where her groom awaits her at the altar, she turned her head to me and I finally understood what true love meant.

She just smiled to a complete stranger.

I smiled at her and nodded my head. She nodded back and turned towards the church. A wedding song played in the air as flowers and bubbles orchestrated a beautiful sight. I waited outside the scorching bright sun, under the protection of a tree. I watched her silhouette disappear into the church. I wanted to follow her and watch her say her vows but it would only hurt me. I know it will for I had experienced one before.

I looked at my surroundings as they turned into a blurry state. Hours became days and days became years and still I waited for her under this shady oak tree. The sun glimmered, the moon shone and the stars glimmered like the rhinestones on her wedding dress. Everything moved, everything aged, everything changed except me. I waited for almost twenty-years for her to come. But she never did. She never did.

She will never come back to me and I too will never come back to her. For twenty years ago, I died at this very spot, a bullet straight to the head.

Review. I am thinking of making this preamble a story chapter about a love story between a ghost and his one true love who keeps on being reincarnated. What do you think? Read and Review, please?