The Cruelty of the Queen

We live in heart pounding terror

As cruelty's the hallmark

Of our fearsome monarch

Who'd kill us for one tiny error

She's killed us and used us

And greatly abused us

We thought she was great

A horrid mistake

But now it's too late

And we're resigned to our fate

We live in unimaginable pain

Everyday people die, people kill

Blood's been on the constant spill

Since the start of our leader's reign

She so callous and caustic

And frankly she's lost it

So why don't we flee?

All land bordered by sea

Is her kingdom's domain

Thus filled with misery, and pain

We live in abject misery

Because of that Queen

Whom we cannot demean

It's impossible with evil's epitome

We all hail the Great One

Our leader and chief

We lie through our teeth

She should be the "Late One"

One young aspirant

Who challenged the tyrant

Is now decomposing

For bravely opposing

Those few who are loyal

To that vulgar royal

We often tried to kill her

But she'd just revive

We didn't quite thrill her

So now there's few left alive