Silence. I am alone and can hear only silence.

Looking around me I see a world of natural beauty, shrouded in a dreamlike mist. Slowly the mist swirls and changes, morphs so that instead of reality seeming like a dream, it truly is one. I see a young girl with ebony hair that shimmers as if it is alive and can feel her happiness. She pauses as she passes to look my way curiously then dashes towards a woman who looks as if she is the girl twin. Seeing this prompts me to glance around, I rotate, realising that I am home. In the place that I used to know. Strangely I no longer feel the pace and love that I used to, I don't feel as if I belong here…

"Crap" I mutter as I realise what has happened. I have effortlessly slipped back into our- This world.

Being back here reminds me of the first time I was here…

I am walking around, causually absorbing my new home when suddenly I feel pain. Pain so intense that I feel as if my body is being fried.

I wake to a soft warm mist, hazing around me, concealing my surroundings and I wonder if I am dreaming. No. I am certain, this is not a dream. My mind clears, my vision focuses and I can hear a heartbeat.

"Strange" I think to myself, a heartbeat yet there is no one here. I listen further and sense that although I cannot see anything, He is here.

"who" I say. Wondering why my heart seems to know but I don't.

After what I judge to be 5 minutes, though it could have been 5 hours, I hear voices. I cannot understand what us being said, but I feel better anyway. Then a woman enters the room. She is inexplicably short and slim; she looks like a child save the expression on her face. She looks weary. It is an emotion at odds with her appearance. She turns slightly, as if toward a sound and her expression turns defensive. I can immediately guess why, three others enter the room. Two are dressed in matching suits, making it hard to distinguish one from the other. Everything about them screams 'I am average, forget me'. I think that it is strange because, judging fron the womans reaction, they are the authority in the room.

Briefly I glimpse someone enter behind them, and try to see more, but