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Cell phones are one of the most used electronics in high school life. Teenagers carry them everywhere, from school hallways to busy classrooms. As a consequence, most of the time they lose their concentration and aren't able to focus on their studies, resulting in poor grades, ultimately concluding in a job with minimum wage. These addictive devices suck up all the attention of students and become a great influence to their peers, which is why cell phones should be banned from students. The staff won't have a problem with cell phones, but if a random teacher does, that person should have their cell phone confiscated.

In case of emergencies in which a student has to be immediately alerted, the principal should take the call and inform the student of the situation.

With students out of distractions way, they'll be able to concentrate better, and have a better future. A weekly inspection can take place on any day of the week to search the kids' backpacks and should happen on random days of the week, so that the teens won't be able to predict the next searching and bring their cell phones on the very next days. I think that in case a student has specific and credible reasons to bring a cell phone, they should have a pass to allow them only for cell phone use.

These are the reasons why I believe that cell phones should be banned from schools with the exceptions of the staff and special permits.