Warnings: This story is slash; that means a sexual relationship between two males. This story will also have strong language, possibly a lot of aussie slang (feel free to contact me if there is anything you don't understand) and a relationship between step brothers. If you have a problem with any of this, than I'm afraid that this story simply isn't for you.

Now that, that's out of the way, I hope you all enjoy this! I'm hoping for this story to be a lot darker than any others and less... childish? Chapters will hopefully get longer.

Enjoy! :)

"Stop right there!"

Holding back a string of cuss words, Zack tightened his hold on his bag straps and kicked a bin back in a lame attempt to distract the cop before darting down an alleyway and around the corner to the takeout store he and his mates generally gathered at during the day, and hid around the back. Panting, he stood with his back flat against the brick wall and closed his eyes for a few moments.

'Crap,' he thought with a wince and held a hand over his stomach as he tried to regain his breath. He hadn't expected the cops to be called so soon. He had hoped to be at least out of town before his parents noticed him missing. Of course he shouldn't have been overly surprised; being who he was, his wouldn't have been surprised if his Dad had cameras in his room, watching his every move. His parents didn't trust him and he didn't blame them for that. Zack was trouble through and through, and he was doing nothing but giving his family bad press; not that he cared or anything. He didn't give a shit about his family, nor did they give a damn about him. He had lost any trust they had for him long ago and they did their best to keep him out of jail.

'Good luck with that,' he thought bitterly before letting out a sigh and taking a single step away from the wall. Taking a peek around the corner, he deemed the coast to be clear and slowly stalked away from the takeout store, taking a short cut from behind Paul's Butcher's to the long, grassy field to make his way out of town.

Obviously he didn't make it far and he really didn't expect to. He knew he would be caught and was sure to make a huge fuss about it, being sure to punch that son-of-a-bitch, Connors in the mouth as he was dragged into the black, Toyota Corolla and beside a fuming politician.

"Zachary!" His father snarled and grabbed his wrist, yanking him back into the car when he tried to run yet again and yelling for the body guard to shut the door. Zack ignored his father and tried to yank the door open, only to find it locked.

'Figures," he thought with a groan and grudgingly lent back in the seat as he ignored his father's rant. It was nothing he hadn't heard before;

"How dare you make a mockery out of this family! As Prime Minister, every fucking step I take is reported and shows up on the bloody news! I can't have you (stealing/skipping/drinking) and ruining my reputation! You're seventeen this year, learn to act your age! Fuck, this is going to be on the (news/radio/papers) tomorrow!" and blah blah blah.

"-live at Waley Fields so tha-"

Wait. That was new.

"What?!" He whipped his head around to face his father who, despite the circumstances, looked relaxed.

"If you were listening, you would have heard that you're going to live with Riley."

"Riley, as in that whore's so-"

"How many times must I remind you not to call your mother a whore?" His father reprimand with a sigh.

"She isn't my fucking mother!" Zack snapped angrily and fisted his hands. "She's the woman you fucking married not even a month after Mum died!"

"You're over reacting, Zachary. Your mother and I were in the middle of a divorce when she died."

"It led her to-"

"Zachary…" His father warned, causing the teen to scowl. With a sigh, he continued.

"Riley has been informed and your things are being packed as we speak. Until you learn some discipline you are not welcome at home."

"Is this supposed to be a punishment? Because anywhere but home is a fucking holiday!" Zack bit back. "You're doing me a favor."

"I doubt you'll think that once you're put to work," The Prime Minister replied, dryly and sat back with his arms crossed.

Zack glared and glared out the window. He was quiet for a while before noting, "We're leaving town."

"I'm making sure you arrive…safely."

"Safely my arse. You're making sure I don't make a run for it," He muttered bitterly, opting to ignore his father for the rest of the trip.

After two hours, they soon arrived at a medium, sand block brick house on 300 acres of land and various animals and plants and oh god he did not want to be here.

When the car pulled to a stop, Zack let out a sigh and, once he heard the click of the locks, he opened the door and stepped out to find his step brother, Riley on the front porch waiting for him. With scowl, he shoved his hands, deep into the pockets of his pants and trudged over to Riley who gave him a small, welcoming smile, "Hey, Zack; glad to have you here."

"Go fuck yourself, Riley," He snapped and barged passed him and into the house, ignoring his father's shouts. He headed straight to the spare room he was generally forced to stay in and slammed the door shut and plopping onto the bed that looked to be freshly made.

With a sigh, Zack closed his eyes and, without knowing it, he had eventually drifted off to sleep.