Dexter Daniels

Dexter "Dex" Daniels

-Father to his men

-The Mentor

-Papa Wolf

Counted himself as being a lot of things; a father, a teacher…sometimes a runner of the asylum. He thought of himself as a student to what his agents taught him. He thought himself as a janitor that cleaned up their messes, a therapist when they had their problems with themselves or with each other…

But what they offered him now…the team that they were proposing…he knew that it was a disaster waiting to happen, "You do realize that they hate each other right?"

The board stood in front of his desk and the one in front Daniel shrugged, "You're the one that knows about her the best."

"She hates the rest of my team and they don't exactly feel warm feelings for her either."

"Oh, I'm sure it's fine."

"She shut my point man in a gym full of zombies," Dex reminded them, "She tried to drop my tech down an elevator shaft. She's a psychopath with no conscience and I don't want her on my team."

"She's an asset that we need to keep an eye on."

"And throwing her out in the field is keeping an eye on her?"

"She's one of the best fighters that Marsden ever had, and we need someone that realizes what she is and how she works and that's you. So, now question about it. You're getting the girl on your team and you don't have a choice.

Dex sighed to himself and looked at the file that he knew he had submitted more entries in than anyone else.

Runner of the asylum indeed.

0000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000

Schofield Johansson…

Schofield "Sco" Johansson

Hot blooded


Cultured Badass

…had two cracked ribs and a bruised kidney and he still moved faster than the guy that he was facing in the pit. He wanted to say that the injuries were from this but he knew that they were from a car chase last week.

From an old woman.

Maybe he should tell his opponent that and let him suffer more humiliation. It'd be worth the look on his face at least but it would also anger him more and that could either be his chance to win or lose.

His opponent moved slowly but he watched Sco as if he was studying him. Which meant that he might be smart. He could be looking for weaknesses so Sco tried to draw in long breaths to look relaxed and NOT like his sides were burning so hot that he'd rather suffocate than draw his lungs against them.

So if he rushed them then the man wouldn't get a chance to search for his weaknesses.

The cheering of the crowd that had gathered for tonight's fight made his heart start to race and he rushed at his opponent. The man swung but Sco easily blocked it, slammed is fist up against the man's jaw so hard that he nearly fell back, grabbed his arm and looked up to see what the audience decided.

He saw Anna.

Anna Decarre


-Technologically savvy

-Distressed Damsel

The sight of the tech girl stopped him in his track as she looked like she did NOT belong there in her nice black dress and getting jostled around as she was pressed tightly against the chest high wall that separated the fighters from the spectators.

Oh, that award ceremony was tonight, he forgot all about that!

His opponent was forgotten about for a second and the man regained his composure and slammed his fist into Sco's stomach and shoved him backwards.

Anna cringed as Sco crumbled to the ground and clutched his middle. He couldn't breathe…he couldn't breathe, he couldn't breathe…

"Is this the best that they stuck me with?" His opponent demanded, "Someone that's already hurt?"

Anna gazed at him in terror and that made him angry. How was he supposed to make her think that he could protect his team if he could get beat up by some steroid infused muscle head?

Sco grabbed his opponent's arm and pulled himself up. Quick as lightening, he twisted the man's arm behind his back and brought his fist down against the shoulder in such a way that it became dislocated.

The man screamed in pain and Sco dumped them under the ground and waited to see any sign of movement.

The man was down, Sco had won.

The door to the pit opened and Sco walked through unassisted.

Anna fought through the crowd only to be held back by security. Sco signaled for her to be let through and he grabbed an ice pack and held it to his ribs.

"Are you alright?"

He was in screaming pain mentally but he pretended that it was no big deal, "Any fight you can walk away from."

"I don't understand why you do these things."

"Way to let off steam," he shrugged, "What are you doing here?"

"The award's ceremony is tonight," she said and handed him his keys, "I put your tux in your car."

"Thank you," He pulled on his jacket. Oh he was going to be walking slowly for the next few days. He should've known that it was too early to go to the fights but he needed to be remembered and it was a quick way to be forgotten if he was left out of things for more than a week.

"There's something else," Anna said.

"Which would probably explain why you're here instead of just dropping my suit off and going to the ceremony with your date?"

"Don't have one," She muttered, "Just like always."

"Their loss then," He said and watched as she blushed, "What is it that you wanted to tell me?"

"Dex wanted to be the one but I'm going to go ahead and tell you because I think you'll react better."


Anna looked reluctant but finally whatever she was going to tell him won out, "
They're going to put Dani in with us."

He felt his heart start to pound in his chest, "What?"

"They said that we won't trust her like everyone else will."

Sco slammed the ice pack down and turned to walk into the pit.

"Sco!" Anna called, "What are you doing?

"I'll be right back!"

Two men were about the face each other but when they realized that he was back in the pit they took some sort of unsaid alliance and turned to face him.

Oh, he was so pissed that this one was going to be over in about three minutes.

Afterwards, he realized that he was wrong.

It only took him two.

0000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000

It was the sunny days that drew the ire of the woman as she walked down the street. It wasn't that it made people happy and Danielle-

Danielle "Dani" Davenport.

-Deadpan Snarker

-1 girl rule

-hated happy people. Well…she did but that was entirely beside the point. It was because the sunny days drew out all the crazies and when you were in the job position that Dani Davenport had, attracting crazies was usually the last thing she wanted, especially with the reputation that she was about to get because of what her new employers were forcing her into.

But her rice milk had run out already and if there was anything she liked to do, it was to drink the stuff right out of the carton and watch Frances, the talking donkey of a mentor, stifle his gag reflexes because he hated the stuff. Something about how his lactose intolerant brother had to drink it and since his mother didn't want his little brother going without...they all drank it.

Some things in life she could do without. Tormenting Frances any way she could no matter how small; it was more of a 'need' than a 'want.'

"Buy a necklace, ma'am?" Someone asked from the alleyway that she was walking down, "1/10th of the price, just looking for a way to eat for a week."

She turned and beamed, "Well, my milk is starting to get a bit warm but I can't say I can turn down the offer for cheap jewelry. I have a dress I can't wear anything with!"

She bent to look at the rag that held several necklaces with expensive tags on them and stiffened when she felt someone move in behind her, "Morstan sends his congratulations on your new job placement and gives you the best of luck in your new location."

Danielle "Dani" Davenport.

-Deadpan Snarker

-1 girl rule

-Distressed Damsel

Dani's eyes widened for a second and she threw the milk carton in the face of the man in front of her and brought her head backwards to connect with the second man's nose, brought up a knife before her attacker could focus his gun, stabbed him in his shooting arm, grabbed the gun, aimed it to the second attacker and forced the first man to pull the trigger. She twisted the knife so that his arm twisted a 180 and listened to him scream for a second before she kicked his knee out from under him, ripped the blade out and aimed her gun at him.

"Tell Mr. Morstan that I said thank you for his congratulations."

She cracked the butt of the gun across his temple and watched him fall.

Did they really think that she was going to fall for the jewelry gag? Really? 1/10th of the price? If they were that expensive then that guy could hawk them at a more expensive price than that.

Still, she bent over and took it, she should confiscate it…keep others from falling for the same trick.

A woman with a carriage peeked around the corner and Dani did her best to look distressed, "Those guys tried to attack me!"

"Are you al-?"

"I just…," Dani faked a sob for more sympathy, "I have to go, I can't…I can't look at them."

The mother stepped away from her baby's carriage for a second and looked down the alley.

Dani looked at the balloon tied to the baby's carriage, shrugged and cut the string with a knife.

It wouldn't make up for tormenting Frances, but she supposed free jewelry and a disappointed kid would almost make up for it.

Danielle "Dani" Davenport.

-Deadpan Snarker

-1 girl rule

- Action Girl

-Token Evil Teammate