Dex opened his eyes and looked around to find that he'd landed in the middle of an empty intersection. He didn't know why the zombies hadn't found him yet, and he'd probably would've been ten miles out of the city by now if he hadn't clonked his head on the iron bar of the stop light.

Good thing he hadn't gotten his lines tangled on something like that, only idiots let that happen to him.

He stripped off the pack and looked around for Dani. He found her lying in an empty convertible, a bruise was on her head.

"Hey," he pulled off her parachute and shook her shoulder, "Wake up."

She jerked awake under his touch and looked around in confusion, "What? What happened?"

"I think we landed," he looked around.

"Where's the lapdog?" she asked.

"I don't know, I was hoping that he'd realize that we'd take the shortest route to Morstan's and follow us."

"You know how it is with your teammate," she said, "Sometimes you have to explain things as slowly as possible."

He put one hand under her leg to pull her out of the car and came away with blood on his hand, "You're injured."

"Well that's what happens when the wind stops and you crash into the windshield." She said, "I'm fine though, I'll be alright."

"Zombies smell blood."

"Well then we better hope that we find a doctor's office on the way there," she said and tested the weight on her leg, "I can walk on it, I'm fine."

"Makes me wonder why we don't have a bunch of them on our trial now."

"I dropped a flare that way," she nodded to where a small column of smoke was rising, "The ones that couldn't see it or hear it I blew down with the tommy gun that was my first steal since I joined with you. We better get going though, they probably heard the commotion and will want to investigate."

She started limping beside him. He reached out to offer her a hand but she ignored him, she wasn't about to look weak in front of the man that was apparently supposed to be her mentor in the time that she was going to be stuck here listening to them yammering about how they distrusted her and whining about all the horrible things she'd done.

Please. They all somehow miraculously survived, didn't they? She honestly didn't know what the problem was.

They made it down the street before they saw a large herd of people stumbling around. Dex and Dani froze in place when they all stopped as if in sync and turned when the wind brought the smell of blood with it.

"Oh crap," Dani whispered.

They started running towards them. No, they weren't the slow moving kind, they were the fast moving ones that were going to land both Dex and Dani in a while lot of trouble.

Dex grabbed Dani and they raced in a side alley that was conveniently there. Both stopped when they saw that an even larger group was waiting for them on the other side.

Dani grabbed a dumpster and moved it to block the front of the alley. Dex realized that she was slowing them down and used the dumpster next to the first one to do the same.

"I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you're armed," Dex said, of course why would that be surprising? Dani was always to the teeth with weapons.

She shrugged, "Only enough to take out a small army if I needed to."

"Dressed a bit light, did you?" he mocked.

"Well, what can I say?" she asked, "I knew that we were parachuting off roofs.

He gave her a small smile and took out his gun, Dani did the same and as the zombies ran close, both turned their backs to each toher and began to fire.

0000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000

Anna sat in front of several monitors and tried to access the satellites that looked over the city. They weren't supposed to have some of their own up there but it was amazing the funding that one would get when you saved the life of the president's cabinet from body snatching aliens.

Of course, considering some of the decisions the government made, Anna wondered if they might've failed on some people.

The satellites were disabled. That made sense she supposed, sometimes their enemies could get access and watch.

That was easy though, Anna helped configure these satellites, she had put herself a back door in, just like everyone else that had worked on the project.

No one was supposed to know about that though, so they tried to pretend that they weren't all lying criminals in secret. One never knew when it was going to benefit them.

And this was one of those times so really she didn't see the harm.

She typed in her 188 character password and accessed the satellite. She got an overview of the city.

"What are you doing?"

Anna froze when she heard the voice of her boss standing behind her. She pulled off the headphones and stood at attention, "Sir?"

"What are you doing in here?" he demanded, "This room was closed!"

"I found it unlocked," she lied. Well it wasn't really a lie, she did find it unlocked after she unlocked it but she really didn't think that her superior was going to buy that for an excuse.

He looked over her shoulder, "I thought that satellite was supposed to be taken down.

"I don't know sir, I found it that way."

He raised his eyebrow, "Alright child, whatever you say."

She swallowed nervously. HE didn't believe her. If he wanted to know where the rest of her team was then she was in trouble.

"Where is your team?"


Anna shrugged, "They're not in their rooms?"

"Of course they're not in their rooms, which would be far too uncomplicated," he muttered, "The board is wanting to evaluate them and start their investigation now that we're all on lockdown, it'd be nice if they were actually there to answer questions."

Anna shrugged again, "Then I don't know what to tell you sir, I have no idea where they are."

He narrowed his eyes and studied her. She maintained her gaze but felt that she was sweating.

"Your file wasn't kidding when it said that you're a horrible liar," he said.

She looked down guiltily, "Yes sir."

He sighed, "They're out there aren't they?"

She nodded, "Yes sir."

"They would," he muttered and looked at the satellite images that were popping up on the screen, "They're going to get their fool selves killed."

"With all due respect sir, I don't think that they will. Dex knows what he's doing and he wouldn't run in there without a full plan. Dani says she knows where the cure is and Sco's strong enough to protect both of them. If he wanted to, I'm sure that he could take down the entire town-."


"Yes, sir," she said, honestly believing that he was going to tell her to shut up.

"Please tell me that they at least have a way to communicate with them."

She held up the headphones that were on the desk, "They have ear buds but they didn't check in yet."

"Just for the record, how did they get out of the building?"

"Jumped off the roof, sir."

"Of course they would do something absolutely asinine," he muttered and walked to the desk and sat down, "Alright, let's try and see if we can find them and pray that they're alive."

Anna nervously sat down, her superior was usually laid back but she was going to be sitting and listening to him while having her actions heavily scrutinized and she couldn't exactly refuse their boss of all people, "Yes sir."

"Did you find them?" he asked and typed in some commands in the keyboard.

"Not yet, sir."

The computer beeped and Lionel withdrew his hands as if he'd been burned. He tried again and it beeped again. Lionel furrowed his eyebrows and looked at her, "What did you do?"

Anna looked up at her computer, "I didn't do anything, sir."

"Then why won't it work?"

"Do I honestly have to tell you sir?"

"Do you want your little breaking and entering and hacking crimes to go unreported?"

"I was hoping that our comaderie would prevent it from happening regardless, sir."

He smiled and shook his head, "What an amusing thought."

"Yes sir," Anna said and then mentally kicked herself, "IT's not working because you're not using the codes that I put in for my back door."

"What are they?" he asked and started tapping keys in what Anna was guessing was boredom.

Anna just glanced at him, "Well sir, it wouldn't be my own personal codes if I was off sharing them, would it?"

She typed in the keyboard faster than Lionel could see the numbers and pressed 'enter', several more shots filled the monitors.

Lionel grabbed a keyboard and started typing as well, now that the passwords were cleared, "I think I found where they WERE."

Anna looked over to one of his monitors and saw a trail of bodies lying in the middle of the street. Despite Anna's hopes, it did look like they were going down the murder route. That did disappoint her, what if they could be cured? What if they could be healed? And now they couldn't be because they were now dead?

Well they were dead before, but now they were really really dead."

"I don't know why they couldn't have waited," Lionel said, "Let me know what they were going to do."

"Sir?" Anna asked.

"If your bunch would've just waited instead of going off halfcocked like the little fools that you are then I could've saved you a lot of time. The helicopter just arrived for the lockdown and you could've used that.

Anna blushed and looked down, "Oh.