Anna could not see. With zombies breaching the perimeter, the lost eyesight because the power was gone was clearly a problem if she couldn't see.

Could zombies see in the dark? If they could then everyone was in trouble. Or did zombies walk around bumping into each other and hoping that their mouths would slam into someone that wasn't infected. Now that just sounded like a silly idea, but it was zombies, and zombies were completely stupid most of the time.

Or at least all the ones that she had managed to run into all the years that she'd been working this gig.

Anna knew that she had to get the backup generator back online. Of all days for the power to shut down, the zombies had to pick the day that they took down the backup generator for upgrading purposes.

Typical. Just typical.

Anna couldn't see anything but she was certain that Lionel was in front of her.

Oh wait, she just stepped on his heel because she was walking too fast. Yeah, there he was. Oh, she felt bad about that but maybe he would ignore it in favor of the fact that she couldn't see where she was going.

"OW!" he screamed and turned so sharply that she smacked into him, "Watch where you're putting your two left feet!"

"Well walk faster!" she shouted back and felt for his face and then the back of his head so that she could figure out where she was going. She needed to let her own training save the day for once, part of her training had been learning to find her way around this place with her eyes closed.

No. Literally. They tied a blindfold on her with two pieces of black gauze over her eyes and she was forced to navigate her way around the halls until she could make it to each and every random door that they called for her to find.

And she couldn't even use the braille that said which numbered door there was, apparently that was cheating.

She'd never thought that something like that could benefit her but she realized with glee that it had. Amazing how those skills always presented themselves to be used then the person in question was in a dilemma and it needed to be used at that very moment. Ana could just practically hear her old mentor's smirk as he practically sang "I told you so" under his breathe.

He was quite a gloater, that Adam Reese.

"What are you doing?" he demanded as she finally guided his hands to her shoulders.

"Just shut up and do whatever I tell you to do," she said. She was surprised when he was quiet. Usually he balked at the idea of keeping his mouth shut because he still lived under the delusion that he knew better.

But he was silent.

At least for a few minutes, which was unusual for him, "Do you think that we can down to the generator."

"I know we can," she said, "Luckily, when I was being tested, I just happened to get that room as a list of rooms I had to find."

Anna knew the building like the back of her hand and navigated easily through the hallways. Most people had taken to locking themselves in their room now that the perimeter was breached but as long as none of the zombies had somehow gotten ahead of Anna then she wasn't going to worry about it.

And the only way that they could've done that was by getting into the ventilation system. Anna really didn't imagine them doing that but the idea of them thudding around up there creeped her out.

Just walking in complete darkness with absolutely no idea what was waiting for her creeped her out.

She heard a door open and ran face first into it.


She bent down and clutched her nose which she knew was pouring blood. No wait, that wasn't blood, those were tears. Okay, she was good; she didn't have to wonder about the zombies coming after her because they could smell her blood.

"Look where you're going!" someone snapped and she could hear Frederic's Yankee twang well enough to know that it was him.

"I can't!" She snapped back struggled to stand, "Why don't you think about the fact that people are wondering around in the pitch black before you throw the door open all willy nilly?"

"Well maybe you shouldn't be wandering around there in the dark in the first place."

"I'm trying to head down to the generator to fix it!" Anna snapped, "Someone has to do their job around here because if you'd done yours in the first place instead of letting us all hang out in the wind then maybe we could've gotten to the team before the power went out and this problem could've been solved."

"Oh shut up Anna, you know nothing about the political workings and the risks that would be required to save your team from the fate that all of you put yourselves in in the first place. We made a call."

"Not the right one," Anna said.

"You're opinion dear. And you better hope that they get back because if they don't, or if they die and you're left alone then you had better believe that we're going to send all of them or just you to the cage."

Anna glared at him but then remembered that he couldn't see her.

Good. She stuck her tongue out at him and felt childish but fully satisfied because as far as she was concerned, the moment NEVER happened.

Lionel brushed past her and she nearly stumbled, "Go soothe the headless chickens upstairs, Frederic, and it's probably not best that you sass the woman that's going to fix the backup with imprisonment. Have the decency to have some respect. She's going to be making sure that you don't run face first into some zombies on the way out."

Anna smirked and felt Lionel put his hand on her shoulder.

And without a word, and with a bit of a swollen head thanks to the compliment, or as close to one as he could give, Anna led him to the basement. The sound changed from the soft padding of feet to the sound of her standing on a catwalk. Anna felt around until she found the flashlights attached to the wall and turned it on. IT lit up the room with a small reaching circle of light and she walked down the stairs and grabbed the toolbox. "Alright young grasshopper, it's time that you and I go to work."

Lionel gasped, "Doing what?"

"I need your help to get this up and running."

He gave an indignant scoff, "I don't do manual labor, that's what you're for!"

"And I don't clean up your messes either when you make a stupid mistake. Oh wait, yes I do. I do that constantly. Now it's time for some payback. Get down here and help me or I'll throw you out to the zombies."

Her anger took him back. HE was used to nice happy pleasant Anna, where did this snarling one come from? Man, she was going through caffeine deficiency or something because this one was downright vicious.

He wanted to take her back to the store and trade her for a new copy!

He reluctantly walked down the shaky stairs, "I don't know how to repair computers or generators or Nintendo's or whatever it is that you are going to need help on!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." She muttered and handed him the flashlight, "I just need you to hold this, can you at least accomplish that?"

He looked down at the flashlight and suddenly felt embarrassed. He could do that but he didn't want to say anything and make himself feel even more useless. Maybe if he'd actually paid attention to the seminars that they'd been having since the eighties then he might actually know a thing or two about computers. IF he hadn't taken a stance that computers would never amount to anything then maybe he could actually send an Email without bringing in his irritated secretary to do his work for him.

He shined it toward the toolbox as she looked into the box for the tools that she was going to need and started going about getting the generator fixed, "Do you know how to put oil in this thing?"

"Maybe a few drops," he admitted sarcastically. It appeared that he could get pretty pissy when he wasn't having much caffeine in his system too. Well that was just wonderful didn't that make them a lovely pair?

A pair of uncaffeinted people hiding in a dark basement trying to get the power ups o that they could face zombies and bring the blast doors down to block out the rest of the zombies while the main team was probably dead now or captured or infected or actually succeeding.

Oh wonderful. Now he was sounding like he cared about them.

Anna struggled to work as fast as she could but the tools were either too big or too small but mostly she snapped at him because he wasn't holding the light right and she couldn't see.

And then they both looked up as they heard gunshots. And then something creaked and scratched at the door. She looked up at him and raised her eyes, "They're hhherrrreee."

The zombies were scratching at the door.

And the only thing that they had between them was a gun that was nearly out of bullets because Lionel had visited the shooting range earlier and forgot to reload and the flashlight that he was holding.

It was probably an understatement to say that neither one was going to hold off the masses for very long.