It was just one of those days that seemed crappy no matter how the hits just kept on coming.

It was dark.

And it was cloudy.

And they could barely see.

Dex wanted to go home. He wanted to curl up in his bed and go to sleep; he wanted to go home so bad. He would even take dealing with his ex-wife as the wife that he was married to if it meant that he could just forget everything and go home. It was a very tempting choice to just pout, cross his arms, sit down and bewail his misfortune thus far today.

But feeling sorry for himself never got him anything before, last time he tried it he just sped up his divorce.

Oh great, now he was reliving THAT memory again on a cloudy starless night.

How appropriately symbolic.

He stretched his legs and realized that the two under his care were staring at him. Why were they doing that? Had he really had a mental breakdown and started crying in front of them and hadn't realized it again? Oh, he hoped not, that was usually so embarrassing.

Oh that was right, he was the leader, they were probably just…waiting for him to make a decision on what they were going to do to survive.

Eh, he didn't know, they were going into this without a plan, he was sort of hoping to stick by that.

He stood and took a breath, "The walking undead aren't far behind. We should really get going."

"Are you going to be okay?" Dani asked but there was more annoyance than there was concern in her voice, he couldn't say that he was really surprised by that. She rated people's right to live on whether or not their existence benefitted her. It would make sense that she would be annoyed that he'd just had a bit of a breakdown because that put her in danger of the zombies and it put her in danger of Sco and if those two were too busy at each other's throats to save the world then the world was most likely in trouble.

He grabbed his bag and pulled himself together. As he did so, the clouds parted and he saw the path before him.

"Let's go."