I'm not like others

Others are not like me


I don't know why

They are special so special

But I'm not special to them

But I know, I'm special

I'm special in my own way

Life is something for them

Shower of flowers

But Life is nothing to me

A big bowl of misery

They say Life is something

Because, they all are same but not like me

I say Life is nothing to me

Because, I'm different and not like them

The differences make humans

Apart, so I'm alone

All alone now

But they're together because

They are same and happy

I'm alone and they're together

Because of one and only reason

The different hearts

The different feelings

So, I'm different

I don't know what to do

Be as them or be on my own way

If I try to be like them, I'd be happy and be with them

If I be like I was, I'll be alone, crying and begging

But No, I don't wanna loose my feelings and loose everything

Specials I have, to be with them

Let them be happy and together

Let me be woe and alone

They may be special but not like me

Because, I'm different and special in my own way.

Well, it's my first poem. I've written this poem when I found that I'm different from my classmates and every person I meet. I've expressed the feeling up there. I don't know whether you like it or not but I'd like to say that English's not my language.

But please improve me when you find my mistakes