Presenting my submission to Self-Induced Disease's latest challenge! "Escorts"! With the most creative title, too.

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Anyway, here's my submission, and incredibly short little drabble that I came up with one evening. I threw it together last night. It's nothing spectacular, but it's entertaining enough.

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Anyway, enjoy.


Glasses clinked softly against the polished wood of their table, silverware sliding across porcelain plates, chasing stray bits of thousand-dollar meals. The bottle of Bordeaux was nearly empty, sipped casually from crystal stemware, held aloft in well manicured hands, framed by French cuffs of carefully tailored suits. Avis produced another joke, drawing peels of laughter from the women at the table, and he smirked a self-satisfied smirk, bringing up a hand to brush nimble fingers through perfectly coiffed copper hair. Harrison's mouth was tight with discomfort and he self-consciously smoothed a hand over his jacket.

His date for the evening, Madeline, slipped a bejewelled hand through his arm, long nails pressing into the sleeve of his jacket, eyes playful, manner even more so, largely due to the wine. "What's wrong, Harrison? Don't you enjoy Avis' jokes?" she asked, tone flirtatious.

Harrison sighed and flashed his smile, a smile to die for, that made the ladies quiver. "Certainly, Madeline. It's just that Avis has always been a bit too … crass, for my tastes," he said, eyes going to the attractive man across the table. His own date leaned in to him, giggling, and Avis smirked.

"Crass? Me? Please, Harrison, we both know you're too uptight. Kick back and relax, undo a button, have more wine," Avis teased, leaning back in the booth and brandishing his nearly empty glass. His date, Faye, laughed and took up her own glass.

It was a charity dinner they were attending, a private event held in a bought-out restaurant with expensive food, expensive wine, and in the case of Harrison and Avis, expensive company. Though both women had husbands and were happily married for twenty-some years apiece, said husbands had been unavailable for the upper-crust dinner. It would have been unheard of for the women to attend the event without escorts, so they did the only logical thing. They hired escorts.

Harrison and Avis were two of five of the best male escorts in the area. They were hired by a larger "company" known for its high-quality men and by-the-books business codes. Harrison and Avis were cultured, with a variety of talents and knowledge, easily setting the bar high for any other services looking to open and any other men endeavouring to join their group. They were easily more expensive than the fancy dinner they'd just consumed, but their clientèle allowed for such.

Madeline cozied up to Harrison, the man facilitating with gentle caresses, and she smiled. "So, what sort of extras would, say, a fifty percent tip gain a lonely woman?" she asked, letting her painted fingers play across Harrison's lapel. Faye hummed and looked to Avis suggestively. Avis grinned and opened his mouth to answer, but Harrison interjected.

"We have the integrity of the business to consider, unfortunately. I'm afraid no … 'extras' … can be provided," Harrison said smoothly, smile disarming as he reached up and gently tucked a loose strand of Madeline's hair back into place letting his fingers linger. Avis gave a derisive snort, and Madeline frowned despite Harrison's best efforts.

"Surely a decision made between two consenting adults wouldn't tarnish Marlin's service," she insisted. Harrison frowned and Avis snorted, earning a glare.

"Harrison's only worried about revealing certain … shortcomings," he teased. Avis turned his eyes to Faye, giving her a sultry stare enough to make anyone melt. "I, however, have no such misfortune." Faye flushed and laughed.

Harrison sighed, staring at Avis in irritation. "Marlin has also said on numerous occasions that he would suspend any of his employees should it be discovered they were partaking in these so-called 'extras'. So, Avis, unless you want to be without work for a month …" Harrison let the threat trail off, sipping instead from his wine, his amber eyes glued to the man, challenging.

Avis's playful expression faltered and he sighed. "Always the voice of reason," he grumbled. He turned to Faye apologetically. "I'm sorry, Faye, but a fifty percent tip, though tempting, really wouldn't be worth a month out of work for me. And Harrison would certainly see to that," he said, casting a glare in the man's direction.

Faye hummed in disappointment and looked between the two. "And here I'd been hoping to end the evening with something worthwhile. They lapsed into momentary silence, the men glaring at one another and casually sipping their wine, when Faye hummed thoughtfully and tapped her chin. "Well, Madeline … we know that Marlin's rules are strict about these lovely men having their way with us," she said. "But what about, say, eighty percent … to watch them have their way with each other?"

Both men tensed.

Madeline hummed and quirked a brow at Harrison. "Very true. Is there anything against that?"

Harrison frowned. "There isn't," he said reluctantly.

Madeline hummed and again traced her finger over his lapel. "And eighty percent, right into your pocket … that's a difficult thing to pass up, isn't it?" she coaxed.

Harrison's frown deepened and he glanced at the man across from him. "It is."

"What do you say, Avis?" Faye urged her own companion.

Avis sighed and looked Harrison over. They'd known each other for a couple years, but never once had such an offer been posed to them. He drew his eyes slowly up the man's body, a body he'd seen often in the gym, and forced a grin. "Well … at eighty percent …" He took a long drink from his glass.

Harrison smirked.

"Uh, fuck yes!" Avis groaned, Harrison answering the throaty cry with his own gruff moan, thrusting with abandon. Avis' fingers were tight in his hair, skin glistening with sweat, head thrown back, and Harrison leaned in to draw that perfect skin between his teeth, biting along corded muscle, earning another desperate moan. Avis arched into him and Harrison slammed him back into the bed. The women were whimpering and carrying on across the room, but Harrison paid them no mind, focused on the surprisingly sexy and wanton man currently writhing beneath him.

"Yes, Harrison, harder, oh fuck me," Avis growled body quivering. He leaned up and Harrison obliged his need for a kiss, mouths crashing together, tongues dancing, before Harrison pushed him back down. He shifted, briefly pulling free to a strangled gasp and rolling Avis onto his side for a better view, easily sliding back into his eager and willing body, picking up the rough pace and shivering at the desperate cries.

"Fuck, yes, you're gunna make me come," Avis moaned, voice getting deeper, less controlled, and true to his word his body shuddered and jerked, tightening around Harrison to the point of madness. Harrison moaned and maintained the pace while Avis writhed beneath him, his own moans more sincere. Stars burst behind his eyes as his own orgasm ripped through him hips jerking as he road through the pleasure, body tingling from head to toe. Avis jerked him down into a searing kiss and they panted, Harrison's hips thrusting lazily as he milked the remainder of his orgasm, Avis' body still relaxed and willing.

It was their second round, having already gone through the motions once, and Harrison crawled over Avis on the bed, body shaking with exhaustion as they shared more kisses, letting himself collapse next to the sweating, panting man, body flushed, copper hair slicked to his forehead. His expression was sated and fully exhausted.

"I think … that's all I've got," Avis mumbled around his pants and huffs. Harrison slid a comforting hand over Avis' side, enjoying the slick feel of sweat, just beginning to cool.

"That's all right," one of the women answered breathlessly. "Over an hour, we're done as well."

"This room is for the two of you," said the other. Harrison didn't care which and he didn't open his eyes to check. "We're going to head up to our own."

"Appreciate it," said Avis. Harrison felt him shift and roll away, his hand flopping onto the bed as Avis sat up. "I need the shower. It was a pleasure, ladies. Look us up again next time you're in town."

Harrison grinned. Even exhausted, Avis played it up and flirted away.

The women dressed while Avis wandered into the bathroom, and Harrison sat up, bidding them farewell and accepting their "tip". He waited until they were gone before he stood, stretched, and wandered into the bathroom.

The shower was thick with steam as he stepped beyond the glass barrier, pressing up against the dripping body within and wrapping him in his arms. He drew Avis close and pressed a kiss to his shoulder, nuzzling into his neck and letting out a content sigh.

"There is no way I'm getting it up again any time soon," Avis interjected quickly.

Harrison grinned against wet skin. "I wasn't expecting you to."

Avis hummed. "Never know with you, you horny bastard."

Harrison chuckled and pressed another kiss, running a hand gently up and down Avis' abdomen, feeling the residue of cheap hotel soap against his skin. He hummed and nuzzled in to copper locks, feeling his own body starting to respond again despite Avis' warnings.

"Are we staying at my house tonight, or yours, baby?" he asked softly.

Avis shrugged. "Does it matter? You won't let me sleep until dawn anyway," he teased.

Harrison smirked. "I'm sorry. I can't help myself." He pressed another kiss, arms tightening. "It didn't help that you were fucking hot tonight."

"You say that every night," Avis mumbled, blush in his voice.

"It's always true."

"I think it's just an excuse to fuck me like the randy rabbit you are," Avis insisted playfully. Harrison chuckled and pressed forward with his hips to show Avis just how randy he was, but Avis turned in his arms and pulled back just enough, looping his arms around Harrison's neck. "Please, Harry, I'm tired."

"I'm sorry, Kurt," Harrison mumbled sincerely.

"I know." Avis pressed a gentle kiss to his lips and Harrison sighed happily, smoothing hot water over his back, wanting to pull him closer again, despite his chub.

"Think they suspected anything?" Harrison asked.

Avis hummed and shrugged. "Don't care. Sex was amazing tonight, so I don't think they were paying attention to much else."

"I wasn't too rough for you?"

"No it was all right this time," Avis insisted, grabbing the bar of soap and beginning to scrub Harrison down.

Harrison hummed and leaned in to nuzzle and kiss some more. "Will you make coffee in the morning?" he asked sweetly.

Avis grinned. "Knock it off. Are we going home, or are we staying here?"

"Rather go home," Harrison mumbled. He wasn't a fan of spending time with Avis in hotel rooms. Hotels were impersonal, cold. He wanted Kurt, his "Avis", in his bed, wrapped in his arms, tucked in with his blankets, and there in the morning when Harrison opened his eyes. There to kiss, and love, and hold.

They finished their shower and Avis took a moment to blow dry his hair while Harrison gathered their clothes, slipping back into their suits and heading home, quite a bit richer and fully satisfied.

Harrison grabbed Avis' hand before they left the room, drawing him back to press a sweet kiss to his lips. "Love you."

Avis smiled. "Love you, too."

"Are you going to make the coffee?" he asked again.

Avis smiled. "Only if you make me breakfast."

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