"Is it really going to end like this? Is the world going to completely vanish... Just like that?"

"We can stop this... But if we do... I'll lose you."

"And I'll lose you as well... I don't want that. I want to be with you...!"

"Even if it means sacrificing the entire world... I'll do it. Nothing else in the world matters to me more than you."

Chapter 1: Boy Meets Girl

A red-haired boy was panting as he ran down a hallway of a school. A single piece of toast was held between his teeth as sweat rolled down his cheek. As his eyes took note of the signboard that hung right above the sliding door of a classroom, he tripped and fell into a stop.

The teacher, a rather plain looking woman in her twenties opened the door for him as he slowly stood up. She adjusted her rectangular glasses as she glared coldly at the tardy boy. "You're five minutes late. And your hair's messy. Your tie's loose and your flyer's open."

"I-I stayed up late last night!" The boy sheepishly zipped his pants. "Final boss, had a rough time with that stupid Omega Flare."

"Staying up late at night isn't a proper excuse for being late to my class." The teacher put both hands on her hips. "Stand outside, you aren't allowed to enter my class today."

"W-What?" The boy's jaw dropped. "But that's totally-"

"I'm very sorry I'm late!" Another student shouted with a gratingly shrill voice, this time a girl. She had long dark brown hair with a hairpin with a sunflower decoration that held her bangs up.

"And what's your excuse?" The teacher asked.

"Oh!" The girl tensed up. "I was on my way to school when I found this poor cat alone in the corner of the streets... I had to help him. So I took him back home and fed him."

"School's more important than pets, stand outside." The teacher coldly shut the door and left them outside.

They stood side by side as their backs faced the glass windows to the class. They could somewhat hear the lessons being given, but it was still hard to make sense of it. Despite recognizing one another because they sit side by side in class, they didn't know each other's names.

"My name's Ryosuke Namikawa, call me Ryo!" The red haired boy broke the ice loudly as he combed his hair aside. "What's yours?"

"Hanako Kudo." The girl answered shyly.

"It sucks, doesn't it?" Ryo sighed as he pulled his tie. "One week in and that demoness, Yuko-sensei already had us punished. Geez."

"Mmm, it's my first year in this school and already..." Hanako pouted.

"Why'd you transfer here anyway?" Ryo asked. "It's not the best school to go to in this city. Most of us come here just because it's nearby."

"Oh!" Hanako tensed up with a blush. "Uhm... I-I have a f-friend who goes here..."

"Is that person in the same class as us?" Ryo turned to look at her red cheeks. "... It's a he, isn't it?"

Hanako nodded with a gulp.

"I can help you." Ryo smiled at her. "I'm part of the Counselling Club, it's my job to help."

"You'd really do that...?" Hanako big round eyes widened, her pink pupils sparkling with joy. "But we just met... Are you really going to help me, a stranger?"

"Of course I will!" Ryo tightened his right fist. "A true hero will help all those in need! And I wanna be the hero!"

"Hehehe!" Hanako giggled at him as she looked away.

"What's so funny?" Ryo gritted his teeth at her.

"Nothing, nothing." Hanako shook her head. "Thank you."

Thirty minutes passed and the class period was finally over. The two got back to their seats and let out a sigh of relief. The classroom was noisy as the next teacher hadn't arrived, but even so, they could make out the various conversations that went on.

"So, which one is it?" Ryo eyed the brunette.

Hanako covered her mouth with her right hand as she pointed at a raven-haired boy who was surrounded by girls pining to him.

"... Akira?" Ryo raised an eyebrow. "He's kind of a jerk actually. And a playboy. He never sticks to one girl."

Hanako puffed up her red cheeks. "He was different when we were younger, I swear. He was nice and sweet and friendly... A little shy too... Now he's..."

"And what, dare I ask, are you up to now, Ryo?" A blonde boy asked with a dull tone. "Please tell me you aren't helping another lovesick soul."

"I am." Ryo smirked as he looked back at the straight-haired boy. "Helping people is the first step before I can become a true hero!"

"And what? A giant robot's going to fall from the sky and you end up being the one who has to protect the world against extraterrestrial invaders?" The blonde smacked his palm against his face. "Be realistic, the world doesn't work like some sort of manga."

"Don't always be such a killjoy." Ryo groaned. "Hanako, this is Yuunagi Misaki, resident party pooper. We just call him Yuu."

"Hello." Hanako shyly waved at him.

"And I suppose you're the lovesick soul?" Yuu narrowed his eyes at her. "Pursuing a relationship as an adolescent is pointless, it won't go anywhere. Not many people marry people they knew as kids or people they meet at school."

"See what I mean by party pooper?" Ryo chuckled. "He's a nice guy, just too much of a realist."

"I don't see a problem with being realistic." Yuu's gaze went out the window. "Fantasies aren't going to become real at all. Only reality exists, so we have to blend with it."

Hanako pouted at his lecture. It wasn't because she couldn't understand, it was because he delivered with such a dull voice it was boring. It also somewhat stung as she was one who loved to dream. "But dreaming is a good thing, right?"

"If you go somewhere with the dream." Yuu looked back at her. "If the dream is stuck in your head, nothing will happen."

"Leave the poor girl alone, will ya?" Ryo playfully smacked Yuu's shoulder. "Look at her, you can just tell she's a dreamer, let her live in her fantasy world. I don't mind you shooting down mine, but don't go shooting down hers too."

"... Sorry." Yuu closed his eyes.

The birds chirped loudly as the three sat side by side on a bench in the courtyard of the school. Lunchtime had arrived and all three had box lunches in their hands, chopsticks ready to pick at whatever was in the rectangular cases.

"Yuu, why do you looks so... Upset?" Hanako asked as her eyes were rolled to his dull expression. "Are you... Depressed?"

Yuu sighed. "No, what makes you think that?" He tugged onto the yellow cotton vest he wore over his uniform. "I'm not depressed or anything, it's my static expression. I know how to laugh and all that, it's just that I don't do so often."

"Yep, the guy can sure laugh hard if we make an innuendo." Ryo smirked, to which Yuu shoved at him slightly with his shoulder.

"Why, dare I ask, are we here anyway?" Yuu's blue eyes analysed the shady area that was just nearby the entrance of the high school. "Don't you usually eat at class?"

"To find out more about Akira of course, he comes around here often." Ryo stated, to which Hanako blushed. "I promised you that, didn't I?" Ryo looked at the flushed Hanako.

"Thanks..." Hanako shook uncontrollably.

Just then, the sky grew darker in just mere seconds. Thunder could be heard as lightning flashed about.

"Agh, it's gonna rain?" Ryo sighed. "Another day I guess. C'mon guys, let's get back to class before we're soaked."

The three were back at their places in class. Lunchtime hasn't ended and they could only sit down and wait for the bell to ring. The rain hasn't started pouring, but the dark skies left a very frightful feeling to the students.

"It's just like those apocalypse movies." Ryo snickered as he stared out the window. "Maybe a giant monster might attack. Ooh! And a giant robot will be there to save the day!"

"Stop dreaming, that's improbable." Yuu replied coldly. "It's just rain."

"It's not a crime to dream..." Ryo frowned as he looked down.


The students' attention was grasped the moment they heard the loud crash. They ran to the windows and stared at the scene in front of them. Ryo's face was practically shining when he saw it.

A giant robot brawling with a monster. The two were about 20 meters tall.

The robot was white in colour with trims of gold and minor hints of blue on the chest and feet. It had a red and gold helmet which had a design that would remind one of a falcon. Its forearms had a sort of gauntlet which was red on the right hand and blue on the other. On the front of its waist was a gold ornament which had a wing-like design. The same gold wing design was on both ankle, stretching behind the robot.

The monster was a black humanoid creature comparable to a shadow. Even though it was humanoid, its body parts were proportionally off, its legs being tiny as it went towards the ground and its upper body getting larger. Its shoulders were bulky and had a silver shoulder guard and its face was covered by a single blank mask. A red orb shone in its chest.

"What... The... Hell...?" Was all that Yuu could say.

The monster charged at the robot, turning its hands into a tentacle-like claw. The monster slashed at the robot, only to get punched right in the face by it, flipping it over. With its feet landing properly on the ground, the monster assumed a strange stance. Its arm stretched open as the red orb started to pop out of its chest.

With a whirring sound, the orb shone brighter and brighter. After several moments, it fired a single blast directly at the robot. The robot put its hand forward to block it, only to be sent flying back toward the school.

When the students saw this, they quickly ran away from the windows. The robot crashed right into the school and tore open a large hole with its back. It lay down on the school, immobile. The monster walked to it incredibly slowly.

Ryo's eyes widened when he saw this. He ran to the robot with excitement and courage in his heart.

Yuu shouted at Hanako as he followed the excited youth. "Get as far away from here as possible!"

Hanako complied with a shy nod.

He jumped onto the chest and saw that it was opening. Inside the cockpit was two seats, one on the front and one behind. There was an unconscious girl his age sitting on the one behind. She had short white hair with a strange teardrop-shaped ornament on the side of her head.

Yuu tugged at Ryo. "I know this is your chance to play hero, but goddammit, don't just jump in like that! We don't understand this situation!"

"I can!" Ryo grinned. "The monster's evil, there's two seats and one's empty, so someone has to step up and fight!"

"No one's just going to allow any random teenager pilot their giant robot!" Yuu shouted back. "They probably have a security authorization or something in it!"

Ryo pushed Yuu down and leapt into the cockpit with excitement. He grabbed the levers with an ecstatic expression and then pushed whatever button he thought was to close the cockpit. But even though he pressed all of them, none of it worked.

He then saw a single screen with a hand symbol on it. Thinking it to be for scanning handprints, he put his hand over it. A line panned up and down his hand until finally, the screens in the cockpit turned red with the word 'Unauthorized Pilot'.

Ryo saw Yuu peering from above with his hand outstretched to him. Yuu muttered, "I told you so. C'mon, our lives will be in danger if we stay here."

"Fine..." With a scowl, Ryo grabbed Yuu's hand. Yuu pulled him out of the cockpit and just as they were about to follow the other students, Yuu felt someone pull his leg, tripping him over.

"Yuu!" Ryo shouted when he saw his friend being pulled into the cockpit.

Yuu looked underneath him to see the white-haired girl dragging him into the cockpit by the leg. The cockpit closed shut as the two got in and Ryo had no choice but to run when the robot started to move.

When he opened his eyes, Yuu realized he was inside the cockpit. The girl sat right behind him, holding him tightly on the waist as she gently held his right hand.

"What do you want from me...?" Yuu asked as he looked at her blank expression over his shoulder.

"Yuunagi Misaki..." She muttered as she moved his hand toward the single screen with the hand symbol.

The line panned up and down before the cockpit shone blue with the words 'Pilot Authorization Confirmed'.

After that, the girl grabbed Yuu's other hand and moved both hands onto the levers.

Yuu's eyes widened as he realized what was going on. "You want me to pilot this thing?"

The girl nodded as she stepped on a pedal underneath them. The robot started to stand up to Yuu's shock. The monster was right in front of them, staring them down.

Yuu felt a quiet whisper from the girl.

"Ain... Soph... Aur..."

My entry for Nanowrimo. A little clunky but when it comes to speed, quality's gotta drop.