His name was Devon Falcon, the kid in the corner that no one noticed. He was the invisible voice that no one heard, he was unnoticed by all of his classmates. His father was an ex-villain. His mother was a retired superhero. He was the eldest child and had a little sister named Alix. He was just an illusion of the teen he should have been, but that all changed one day. One day, everyone started to notice him for all the wrong reasons and it was all because of one tiny little detail.

Devon walked past a mirror before going to school. He examined himself in the mirror and noticed his six foot seven frame, his black spiked hair with white streaks glistening, his road face. He observed the short sleeved shirt he was wearing which slightly showed the tattoo. He rolled up the sleeve of his leather jacket so it was very obvious to see. He left the house without looking back for a second. He thought, "Today is a different day. A day where I get noticed and make a statement that everyone will see." He passed by the seventh block and was at the school. The total number of the students in the school was three hundred and eight students; they were all juniors. They went to the school in groups of fourteen to avoid being lonely and late. Devon always went to school alone. He was not very sociable, that half of the school thought he was mute. Devon had received a power at a young age. He had decided to conceal it so that he could go to school with the "regular" children of the superheroes, the ones without power. He was an illusionist and a very powerful one at that. He walked to his first class and all of the thirty-four students that were already in class turned their eyes to him. He passed by and no one said a word until he was almost at his desk.

One of his classmates named Devin Knight noticed the tattoo and asked, "Devon, when did you get that tattoo?"

Devon looked up and lied, "I always had it."

Devin Knight looked at him perplexed and said, "Seven is the number of evil deeds your father did before he turned good, why did you get this tattoo?" Devin grabbed his arm and Devon jerked it back. The day passed by without another hitch. Periods dragged on until seventh and no one questioned the tattoo but rumors were spreading that Devon was evil. He was honoring his father's misdeeds. He arrived at his last class of the day and waited for his name to be called. His final period was with the teacher who would call them whatever they want to be called. He went through the names quickly before he reached Devon's name.

Devon raised his hand and said, "Can you call me Seven now?"

The teacher glanced up startled by the fact that Devon was talking and said, "Sure, Seven it is." All the students looked at their classmate. Their minds raced with the many reasons he wanted to be called Seven. They remembered the rumors they had heard and glanced at his arm. They saw the seven tattoo there and remembered what their parents told him about Devon's father. He had committed seven misdeeds before he was turned good. The class ended and one kid raced with Devon to the street. He was afraid and pushed Devon in front of a bus that was parking. It seemed that Seven was dead. The funereal was a day later and only fourteen attended. His grave was before six others which made it the seventh. He would always be known as the seventh death in this newly established town in two thousand seven. Some say that his death was all just an illusion and they claim to see him in the graveyard with his seven tattoo which glowed red. Others claimed that the tattoo was something else, a symbol of the fact that he wasn't ashamed to face up to his family's past while others did not. Over the years, only seven people visited the grave and all seven claimed to see him in his flesh and blood. That number kept the town alive and it come to be known as Seven's Lost.

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