Fuck it

I nearly fucked up again,

Forget it,

Sometimes wish I didn't have to listen to friends,

Wish I was a loner again,

So what do I do?

So close to falling through,

Worrying 'bout you,

Nothing I can do

So Fuck it, so close to fucking up again

Close to losing some friends,

Everyone needs me again,

Wants me again,

Something's gotta end.



You for understanding,

Oh wait,

I see what's the bait,

I know what you want, and you just want to take,

But no, not that way,

Do you know it?

Doesn't matter anyway,

I love, I got it,

I goddamned fought for it,

So ignore it,

Your affections,

Your misguided attentions,

I know your intentions,

So fuck it,

Duck it,

The mess flyin' at me,

You wanna get at me,

Not going to,

Nothing more to say to you,

I adore him,

Lost your chance to begin,

But he was here first,

Loved him the longest,

Felt it the strongest,

And you'd be one of the worst,

With your crazy life,

Your dangerous strides,

The passion in your eyes,

The adrenaline, you need it,

Death risks feed it.

He's scared,

He's new,

He's fresh,

Unlike you.

You only live once,

So fuck yolo.

Seize the day,

Before you let go.

Fuck it,

Can't fuck up again,

You're only a friend,

With physical attraction.

Don't want you,

I love him,

Sorry, handsome,

The end.