He could hear them suffer around the room, just outside his cell. They were watching him again, notepads in hand, murmuring amongst themselves words he did not care enough to hear. Ignoring them, he continued to rock back and fourth, lightly rattling the chains that bound him. His mouth was in constant movement, his thoughts escaping through it in a low whisper, so quiet he could not hear himself over the noise they made. How annoying they were, did they not realize how rude it was to intrude on his train of thought?

Ironic it was, that he used to be among their ranks. The idea almost made him laugh. He would have, if he weren't so tired. That was their fault, though. They needed to fix it, and of course they were taking their own sweet time.

There was a click of the key in the lock of his cell followed by the low screech of metal on metal as the door slid open. A few of them drew closer, but he did not bother to look up into their faces. It was not time yet, the medication had not worn off, there was no need for him to be taken.

The patent in the cell next to his whimpered, shivering where she sat. She'd mostly lost her mind, he thought. They'd purposely given her post traumatic stress disorder, so they could experiment with all the different drugs they might use to cure it. They had all failed, several had made it worse. She would not last long, and he'd have a new roommate in a few days. Pity, he could have suggested a few treatments himself that would have worked better, but they would not listen. He was no longer one of them. He was so much more, and they could not see it.

"So, you haven't been able to sleep at all?"

The silence filled the air as every one of them stopped speaking. Even he froze in his movements, with the exception of the light musings still flowing freely from his mouth. He didn't raise his head, but he knew from the voice the speaker had been a young male, the one closest to him. The man inched dangerously close and knelt in front of him, just out of reach. Not that it was very far at all. The chains restricted his movement so much that he could not even extend his arms more than a few inches, so the man was close enough that he could smell the mint on his breath. After a moment, he stopped speaking, and began to grind his teeth together in frustration. He did not wish for anyone to be this close to him.

"Hey, I asked a question. You-"

He didn't let him finish. With a snarl, he leaned forward as much as his bindings would allow and looked the man right in the eye, "It does not speak to me!" he barked, and felt an animal rush of satisfaction when the other scrambled backwards. The other people observing him gasped, and the woman in the other cell started screaming at the sudden noise. He had to raise his voice further, shrieking viscously, "It does not have permission to speak to me! It will not speak!"

Those who had entered hurried out of his prison, and he kept his unblinking gaze on the one who dared talk to him. He was the last one out, only because he'd been the first one in. The cage slammed shut and he was once more alone, with the doctors staring at him through the bars. Pleased, he lowered his head again, his eyes glazing over as he let himself be lost to his own thoughts once more.