Megan woke up inside what looked like a lavishly decorated bedroom. She'd felt confused as soon as she'd opened her eyes.

What the hell…what met her hadn't been what she'd expected. The last she remembered she'd been studying at the library for exams and she thought she'd closed up her books when the lights flashed on and off around her. Meaning that the library would be closing for the night soon….so she had to get moving to catch the last bus to her apartment. She'd had a bitch of a midterm the next day in poly science and she still felt unprepared.

She obviously wasn't in her apartment but she didn't recognize the bedroom. The king sized bed was comfortable, the sheets wrapped around her body made of satin with a high thread count. The furniture in the room appeared to be antiques from some era she could only guess at. If she didn't know better she'd say whoever owned the bedroom came from serious money.

But why couldn't she remember more of how she got here and then she frowned. She pulled the neatly pressed bed sheets and discovered she was naked. Oh god, because she'd been wearing clothes, a pair of faded painter pants and a loose knit jersey. Her dark hair had been up in an untidy bun above the nape of her neck but now spilled loosely around her shoulders.

She pulled the sheets closer around her and didn't know what to do next. She wanted to get out of bed and get out of here…but without clothes. Then she saw some clothes draped over one of the elegant chairs.

Nothing that looked like what she'd been wearing…in fact she got a closer look. They looked like sheer black lingerie…of the most expensive taste. What in blazes, had someone just left that for her or had it just been there when she was brought in here? Because she didn't remember walking in the bedroom let alone stripping naked and sliding under the covers to fall asleep.

She didn't remember sleeping or if she dreamt. She just remembered waking up and not remembering where she was or how she'd gotten there.

Now she had to do something but what?

The streets outside the building were filled with people who'd congregated around its perimeter in crowds. The kind that threatened to turn into mobs…many holding protest signs. A man wearing a long coat held something to his mouth that amplified his voice, to be heard by everyone around him.

"There is an evil in our midst," he said, "While we've been sleeping, the others have been emerging from filth amongst us and right now they're in that building plotting an insurrection."

People in the crowd yelled chants supporting him waving their arms. He paused and then he cleared his throat to continue.

"These are dark days for us indeed," he said, "We are an orderly people who abide by our laws that are set up to protect us and our young from evil and corruption. We must all stand up and fight."

More roars from the crowd and more people joining in the fanfare. Those looking out from inside the building pulled away from the windows.

"You think they'll riot," one of the females asked the other.

The other shrugged.

"I think someone's trying to make a name for himself," she said, "but it's getting more serious…and yet we don't have the answers."

Kia looked up at Maya. Both of them worked in the building as research scientists and the crowd that threatened to riot outside were protesting their work as they had been since information had leaked out about experiments being done there.

"We haven't started to figure it out," Kia said, "If it's some sort of mutation, we don't know where it came from let alone how it'll spread."

Maya sighed, moving away from the window.

"The president is already calling for those affected by what he calls the illness to be banished to separate island," she said, "One that will have the same standards of living that this one does, the amenities, nothing different but I think he just wants them out of sight."

"Out of sight, out of mind," Kia said, "So they won't offend anyone who's unaffected by what's happened."

"He actually asked for a serum or a vaccine and we don't even know if it's a sickness yet."

They walked back towards the hallway.

"The males don't act sick," Kia said, "They're just…different…and it's not nearly all of them."

They walked into a laboratory with monitors showing the insides of different rooms in the building. Others like them were sitting at tables working on equipment and reviewing tablet screens.

"What does the emperor say?"

Kia sighed.

"You know he only speaks through the president," he said, "and the president wants to set up the new island immediately to quarantine those sick from the rest of the population."

Maya shook her head.

"These males are all in the best of health; all not only passed their physical assessment tests they exceeded the standards. They're performing better…"

Kia frowned.

"They're not safe to be around," she said, "We can't give them what they want…more than food or drink."

Maya chuckled mirthlessly.

"I'd say it's the primary instinctual drive right now if it can be called that," she said, "We have to continue with our studies and find out what we're dealing with here."

Kia nodded.

"We have some…test subjects from that other place," she said, "but they're so much more primitive than us…but there's rumor that the president's own son is affected or infected whatever you want to call it so time is of the essence."

Maya walked over to one of the screens where a young woman sat up in a bed, the sheets covering her and looking puzzled.

"We'll start with this one… and the male?"

Kia flipped through a roster.

"It's the one called Jack," she said, "He's at least a couple six months into his progression."

Maya noted that on her tablet.

"Good that makes him a perfect subject…get him ready for the test."

Jack sat in his room having been alerted that his services would be required. He thought that odd terminology to use for what he'd be called upon to do. He didn't feel as sick as the doctors felt he should be…which was why he was here. He stood in front of the mirror where he knew that scientists had cameras filming him.

He could hear the sounds the device made easily enough as well as the conversations held outside his bedroom. Far from being sick, he knew himself to be quite healthy. His muscles boasted great strength and speed, not to mention agility and suppleness that enabled him to breeze through the physical assessment easily enough. The scientists had seemed shocked by that but he just felt amusement. Deep inside of them, he knew himself to be superior to them.

That made them wary and it made them afraid, even though they buried all that under a businesslike demeanor. He could sense fear as it oozed from their pores in ways that they could never imagine and he sensed other emotions as well.

He'd been born intellectually gifted like others among them and had been schooled at the top institutions. He'd served in the military defense even though the last time there'd been a battle to fight he hadn't been born yet. But he'd honed his body every day putting himself through a brutal regimen to keep it strong and tough, ready to spring into action in an instant.

His kind was predators after all, never prey. But predators targeted for other things besides food and territory in which to build shelter. Inside him, he felt it every time he woke up in the morning and it plagued his dreams at night.

This illness they called it, something so powerful yet so foreign and indescribable he didn't understand it. But he didn't need to know much beyond that if he didn't satisfy it, he'd literally be climbing the walls, so agitated he'd be dangerous to those around him. He'd become dangerous in ways that shocked the scientists for what he wanted…they had no name for nor could they give it to him. There was no name for it yet…except for those who labeled it an abomination to their kind of the worst kind.

He had heard of others like him, a handful perhaps who had the same insanity inside of them challenging for dominance over reason and in some instances…they'd been put down like animals after trying to…it didn't have a name after all.

It was always there so damn powerful…always needing to be controlled without being understood. He just knew that he ached for something…something to do with completion and dominance over another to achieve it.

He heard the crowds outside screaming for exile or worse for those like him. But he wasn't going anywhere, because he knew that they were his inferiors. If anyone would be pushed away into exile, it'd be them.

The speaker turned on.

"Jack, how are you today?"

He didn't even have a word for it….he wanted to do…something more than anything he'd ever wanted before.

"I feel…."

His muscles tensed and he felt a part of him that was of no consequence…it had its purpose but had no feeling. Now it came alive and he felt this intense sensation almost like pain but not quite, just sliding along the edge of what it mean to hurt. He got up and paced charged with it…the need for relief. But he didn't know what to do.

"I know…listen we've got a task for you to do," Kia said, "You think you feel up to it?"

His body felt like it was on fire and he didn't know why.

"Yes…I'll do it," he said, "It's not like I have anything on my plate today…except to be a specimen."

She sighed.

"I know it's not where you want to be Jack but this is for your own protection," she said, "You know what would happen if you set foot outside of here."

He knew it'd be a matter of seconds before a group of people grabbed hold of him to kill him, to burn his body afterward as an aberration, an imperfection in their kind. Mutations could advance a species further along in fits and starts but they could prove deadly as well, needing to be excised out of a genetic line like cutting a diseased limb off of a tree.

"What is it today," he said, "more measurements?"

"No…an experiment," she said, "We brought in one of them from that other sordid place…we didn't want to it you understand but the situation warrants it."

He'd heard about that other place. A form of life much lower than their own kind, they didn't associate it with them even after they found the means to do so.

"You will go into the room where she's at and you'll just follow your instincts okay? Whatever they may be…just go with it."

"Go with it? I have no idea what that means."

"You walk in there and you do whatever you want with her," Kia said, "whatever you're driven to do once you see her okay?"

He understood her instruction. Like he said, it's not like he had anything else to do. Walking outside might mean instant death and with word that the illness or mutation had spread…even to the president's own front door…time was of the essence as far as Kia and the others were concerned.

"Okay I'll do it…"

Megan looked up as a woman dressed in a dark suit with no expression on her face walked in the room. She walked up to her with one sheet wrapped around her body.

"What is it, who are you," she said, "How did I get here?"

The woman just looked at her.

"Get dressed…the clothes are waiting."

Megan looked over at them.

"You've got to be kidding," she said, "It's lingerie…I'm not going to put it on."

The woman didn't look moved by her refusal.

"You are to put it on," she said, "and you will sit on the bed once you've done it."

Megan folded her arms.

"What if I don't?"

"You will…"

Megan started to move away from her.

"You can't make me," she said, "I don't know how I got here. This is kidnapping…when the police find out."

The woman just looked at her oddly waiting for her to finish.

"You will do it…you will want to do it."

The door opened and another woman walked in carrying something in her hand like a small pistol. Were they going to kill her, Megan wondered, or just threaten her with it? What the hell was going on here in this strange place?

"Take hold of her…," was the first woman's crisp order. The other one grabbed hold her of her fast and Megan was surprised by her strength. They pulled enough of the sheet to bear her upper arm and then the second woman pressed the barrel of the gun into it and Megan closed her eyes bracing for the gunshot.

Instead she felt a small prick that stung a bit and then her body started to get warmer, her blood heating up and perspiration on the nape of her neck. She just stared at them her eyes wide.

"What did you to me? Did you drug me?"

The first woman finally smiled at her.

"You will wait here," she said, "after you put the clothes on."

The women left and Megan thought to hell with them and their orders. But then her body started to tingle and her skin damn, it felt so sensitive, like any touch would arouse it. She felt her breasts tingle too and her nipples harden, growing even more sensitive. Damn and what was happening between her thighs…she felt wetness and fullness, her face flushing. She felt like she'd jump out of her skin with it and she knew what it was…incredible wanting for the kind of completion that only a man could give her.

This had to be a dream because all of a sudden, all she felt was incredibly horny. Her hands felt restless and one of them started rubbing her nipple while the other inched down to her pussy, sliding across the wetness and her clit…it nearly made her jump just to brush it. What the hell was happening to her? She'd woken up confused and now all she wanted to do was to fuck and be fucked in the worst way.

Her hand rode her pussy and she bit her lip, sinking on the bed…but it wasn't enough not nearly. She needed and wanted so much more. She writhed on the bed but didn't sink into it. She had to stop this; she had to get some control. This just wasn't natural all this wanting, wanting only one thing.

That's when the door opened.

Jack pushed the door open and he walked inside seeing the woman on the bed wrapped up in a sheet. God, she was beautiful and his pulse quickened. His muscles tensed, his heart pounded in his chest, he felt the blood rush inside his ears.

The confusion, the tension it all subsided if not the incredible urges that had owned him. He felt something happen and he looked down, to see his cock growing longer, its girth thickening. It brushed against his abs as it hardened like a steel rod, covered in crushed silk.

Looking at her, he suddenly felt more alive than ever in his life and everything fell into place. He grabbed hold of his thick cock pumping it with his fist reveling in the pleasure, anticipating the hunt.

He was predator and she was prey and suddenly, he knew what he had to do. He just didn't have a name for it yet.