Maya looked on the television screen at Megan sitting on the bed. Her room looked so clinical…not the best setting for a seduction. That's what her kind called it anyway. There was a prelude of varying lengths to the actual act itself.

The act that until recently had been unheard of but now had society up in an uproar. She'd been unable to leave the compound for days and neither had Kia or the other scientists. The crowds out there had only grown in numbers and unruliness. They'd try to lynch anyone who got within reach of them that had any contact with the contaminated.

Maya didn't know if that was the right term. It had all started so suddenly. One day everything had been ordinary and then the next…she'd found out about Jack.

He'd been the first of the males affected but not the last. So far those afflicted believed it to be some sort of defect that they needed to be cured of…and the scientists would find a cure.

She pitied Megan as a lab animal of sorts. But the creature was the means needed for the ends which was to find the cure for those like Jack, Zachariah and others who weren't the scourges of society but from respectable levels. Not the highest, nor the most elite but those who were part of those who aspired to be such. If it ever afflicted the highest levels…

Kia breezed in and looked at the monitor.

"Any changes?"

"Not in her of course," Maya said, "She eats, she sleeps, she relieves herself and she's ready when Jack wants her in that way."

Kia sighed.

"I wonder what it must be like to be her…it must be awful…but it must be her very basal, very primitive nature that makes her like that."

Maya glanced at the screen again.

"You mean that's why she's so responsive to him," she said, "We might throw in another of the males?"

Kia shook her head.

"No not yet…we don't know the risks," she said, "and we don't know how long this subject will last. She's experienced great energy loss…sleeps more often."

Maya chuckled.

"Why not? We're wearing her out or rather Jack is…he's a grade A in strength of endurance and a B+ in speed and stealth. He's make an excellent soldier."

Kia smiled.

"He scored among the highest in cerebral and fluid intelligence so he might be a scientist of all thing," she said, "not bad for a male."

Maya agreed. Jack had always had that potential and had been on course to be perhaps among them until this happened. They just had to help him before he went too far astray to the point of being lost forever.

"We received a visit from Francisco that more funding will be difficult to get," she said, "There's a lot of resistance on the council."

Kia sighed.

"I don't know why…this scourge, it could spread and then what? It could jeopardize our society. We could end up like…"

She couldn't even finish. They could end up like Megan's own kind. They'd started out with one…then two and then ruin began with a single brazen act.

Simply rough drafts, they might be called. Maya and Kia both knew that their own kind would and must do so much better.

"How it had started…," Maya said, "with Jack…trying to do the impossible…before this female was brought in."

"She calls herself Megan."

Maya shrugged.

"Does that make any difference? It'll be all the same…"

The door slid open and Simone walked in with Jack who had been doing recreation in the facility set up to look like the part of the world he couldn't see until the cure.

But he'd grown more restless which wasn't surprising.

"So Jack…do you feel more relaxed now?"

He looked at the scientists.

"I feel more like myself," he said, "and am ready to leave."

Kia sighed.

"You know you can't do that," she said, "You'll be attacked as soon as you step outside."

"I don't think so…what happened to me will happen to others and they'll realize that it might not be such a curse."

Kia narrowed her eyes.

"What do you mean?"

He looked directly at her.

"That perhaps what happened to me and the others makes us better."

The two scientists looked at each other and then back at him. Maya cleared her throat.

"How so?"

He folded his arms.

"The males afflicted as you call it are among the highest ranked in physical skills."

Maya shook her head.

"Don't flatter yourself Jack," she said, "The most elite aren't affected by this scourge."

"If we are, they will be," he said, "and when it happens to them, it'll be seen as something that gives them an edge."

"How can that be so? You can barely control yourself with the female."

"I will learn control…so will the others," Jack said, "This happened for a reason…maybe it is time in our development."

"Maybe you're an offshoot that's going to be penalized," Maya reasoned, "Did you think about that? I've seen you with the female and you're all over her within seconds and you look like an animal."

Jack bristled.

"I assure you I am no animal…and this isn't a step backward."

Megan paced the room wanting to escape it. Any minute and he'd be back and it'd start all over again. Both of them craving each other…in ways that whatever they gave her in between only partly explained. She knew she felt something bordering on euphoria when they gave her the liquid just before he showed up or they took her to him.

There was no way out. No way to escape. The days blurred into nights which passed without her. She had no concept of time, which was broken down into whether or not the male possessed her.

It'd only be a matter of time before he returned.

She felt like a wanton slut even though she'd been brought her against her will. At times, she felt like the prisoner she was and yet when he was with her, all she thought about was his cock filling her and escape was the last thing on her mind.

They were being watched she knew it by the women in white who took care of her. But she still didn't understand why. They'd never tell her…they viewed her as something less than them…and him.

The door opened and the women returned. They had her sip the pungent juices that would fill her with anticipatory elation soon enough, her skin would tingle and she'd feel the familiar heaviness in her breasts and between her thighs.

"He will be here shortly," the woman said, "there will be something new."

She furrowed her brow.

"New? What could be new? It's always the same."

The woman smiled as she might to a pet.

"Not this time…there's a new treatment that's being tried," she said, "He will try to resist you…but will he succeed?"


"A vaccine…he doesn't know about it yet. We shall see what happens in a few minutes…"

The women left her and she sat on the bed thinking about what it all meant. Obviously she had been brought her as some form of experiment but for what?

Then the door opened.