Is this what we've come to?
Unbreakable silence is between us,
ever deepening and building the wall up.

Quietly, I scream against it.
It's tearing me apart,
but what can I do?
You hold the silence,
even as I try to pierce it.

We are crushed in this hush.
I fight against it,
yet it lingers and I bleed.
Catch my breath,
and it does nothing against this silence.

Where have you gone?
My old terrors are coming back,
as the new are seemingly being realized.
Trying to breathe, you hold the key.
Come back to us.


All I can hear now in the oblivion.
I feel crushed.
Whispers echo in my mind,
this would happen all along.
Is it my fault, I cannot say,
but to them it is so.

Not a word you say.
Just open up.
We used to be so close
till you pulled away.
Please don't stay in this painful stillness.

I promised to be here,
so let me be.
I promised to keep you alive,
how can I do that with you away?
I love you,
come back.