Got this one done early! It's especially long! Hope you all like it!

To me, music is unbearable.

The unclear notes, like a fog coating, dragged at your feet. The noisy beat, like a crashing roar of thunder, drowned out your thoughts. And most importantly, the words and the lyrics, and the sound of the singer's voice, like an insane screech, shooting fear and pain through you.

My mom... I was suddenly thrown mercilessly into the sudden onslaught of memories. Her thin smile, her glazed over eyes, her loud voice. I could feel and hear everything again.

"Ana? Ana, can you hear me? Say something. Please." Aunt Emily's voice was far away. I could barely hear it.

"Koy yo no mu sae lan haey."

I jerked up, my eyes flicking open. An alarm had gone off on my iPod, blasting out their song. I quickly stopped the timer, noting the message that had popped up: Study for math test!

I breathed out a silent breath of relief. If I hadn't set that timer... I wasn't sure what would have happened.

"Ana? Ana, if you don't say anything, I am coming right on over an-"

"No, no, Aunt Emily," I felt breathless. "I'm perfectly fine. What happened? What's... my mom-"

"Ana, I know if you-"

"What happened to her? Where did she go?"

"Ana, don't interrupt me!"

"But, Aunt Emily! Tell me, please. What happened?"

There was a silence that I knew. I'd heard it when I had received a call from the police. My curiosity was overwhelming and I felt like I was going to drown in my thoughts.

"Your mom, Ana... she's... dead."

"Dead?" I felt my eyes widen, and felt all the fight in me leak out. Her. Dead. "How? How's that even possible?"

"She suicided, Ana."

"Suicided?" I said weakly. I felt shaky. Off. Like something inside was wrong and messed up. It was like I was breaking apart. I leaned back against the couch.I lowered the phone and found my hand trembling.

"Ana? Are you alright?"

"Y-Yes," I said.

"I'm coming back so just sit put, okay?" Worry and concern filled my ears. I clamped my eyes shut.

"Okay." I took a deep breath. Then another. Why was I feeling like this? How could I have any feelings for that horrid woman who claimed to be my mother? She who could care less about me.

I slipped on my headphones and pressed play, keeping my eyes closed. I sank into the music.

"Ne kuja nemo de shi loe so," He sang softly. The beat in the background was too loud though and I couldn't hear his voice too clearly. Then it was the main singer again.

I threw the headphones onto the opposite couch, and screamed.

Next chapter: Flashback into Ana's past, and see just how this unknown band saved her from something so deep that even Aunt Emily isn't fully aware of.

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