Chapter 13 - A Woman Scorned

Chimera woke up drenched in sweat yet again. Well that was different. She could cope with the other dreams, at least she knew what to expect from them. But this was different. Before in her dreams she was power hungry, but now she was jealous and manipulative with it. Could she really think like that? Was that what was behind her distrust of Chloe? Was she just jealous? Had she imagined Chloe's instant dislike? Was she that unstable? It had been years since her so called relationship with Don, they were friends and nothing more, and yet she had expected Chloe to dislike her. Or maybe the dream had nothing to do with her discomfort from the day before. Maybe it was about the Chimeara. But then she had never read anything like it in the mythology Nicholas had shown her.

Chimera forced herself out of bed and made her way to the bathroom shaken by the strange dream. She washed her face in the sink and looked at herself in the mirror. There was no way around it. Things were getting worse. She couldn't go on like this much longer. At least it was a week day. She could talk to Nicholas about it at lunch. Although, she wasn't sure she could talk about this sort of thing with him yet. There was still a lot of sexual tension between them.

Chimera was so distracted as she got ready to go into work that she had to change several times before she was anywhere near happy with her outfit and she burned her breakfast three times. In a way she missed her old dreams. They had become so much a part of her routine that she barely noticed them now. She hoped so much that this new dream didn't go the same way. The thought of waking up from that every morning didn't appeal at all. It was strange to think that her murderous dreams disturbed her less than the dream she had just had, but before she had felt somewhat detached from her actions, now she had felt so certain, she had been completely behind her vindictive decisions, and that scared her more.

Eventually Chimera pulled herself together enough to make her way to work. She had forgotten however that Don was working that day.

"Chimera, are you alright? You look dreadful."

Don was putting a music DVD into the machine as she entered.

"What? No I'm fine, I didn't sleep well."

Don frowned at her from across the room.

"The dreams again?"

Chimera made her way to the studio as she spoke, trying to keep her thoughts straight.

"Yes...No...Sort of. It wasn't the usual dream. What have you told Chloe about me?"

She hadn't meant to ask it like that, but she was still a little flustered. Don sat next to Chimera on the sofa and looked at her thoughtfully before he answered.

"What do you mean? I told her about 'The Daemons' and about the shop and college" Chimera's head snapped up.

"What about College? You didn't talk about us did you? Because I got the feeling she doesn't like me all that much."

Chimera knew the answer as Don squirmed in his seat looking away.

"I may have mentioned something about it, she wanted to know about my ex's..."

Chimera dropped her head into her hands.


An arm fell across Chimera's shoulder when he replied.

"Chimera I couldn't just miss it out, and besides, it's not as if I'm ashamed or anything. It's not like anything is going to happen between us again. I'm with Chloe now, and you're still so hung up on Nick"

That earned Don a glare but, he was right of course. They had nothing to be ashamed of, and one of the reasons they hadn't lasted was because she had never gotten over Nicholas. But sitting there, they couldn't help but reminisce.

The three of them had been studying most of the day; Chimera, Don and Anita. They had an exam the next day and nothing seemed to be going in. Anita had given up when Will appeared, she left with Will in pursuit of a drink while the other two kept at it. They hadn't wanted to intrude on what Will had obviously intended to be a date. Eventually they too gave up on studying and sat on the sofa together, each with a beer in their hands watching some nonsense on the TV. Unconsciously they moved closer together on the sofa trying to get comfortabe. Eventually they even ended up lying together on the sofa with Chimera's head resting on Don's chest.

"Chimera get me another beer, I can't get up"

Chimera flicked through the channels looking in vain for something interesting.

"I'm not getting up, I'm comfortable"

Don snorted and snatched the remote away from her.

"Who said you had to get up, come on you won't get any better at controlling it if you don't practice."

Chimera turned her head towards the fridge behind them, she still had to see things to move them. She managed to open the fridge door without difficulty but the beer bottles gave her more trouble. Eventually they each had a fresh beer in their hands and Chimera grinned triumphantly

"See, I knew you could do it."

Chimera opened her beer with her key ring.

"How come the only time you encourage me to do that is when you want something?"

Chimera hadn't expected it, but it was then that Don leaned down and kissed the top of her head.

"What was that for?"

She asked looking up at him confused.

"For getting me a beer of course."

But then he leaned down and kissed her properly. After a moment of shock, Chimera kissed him back. Their beers sat forgotten on the coffee table while Chimera manoeuvred herself onto Don's lap. What the hell was she doing? She had no idea but she wasn't going to stop now. She hadn't even been interested in anyone since Nicholas, but now she was there with Don and she realised that she wanted him. She had gained so much control over the last few months. Why should she stop? She had told Nicholas to get on with his life, it was about time she did the same.

"Chimera, we should stop."

Don said as he pulled away.


Chimera asked confused.

"Anita could be home anytime. We should probably move this through to your room."

He looked at her hopefully and Chimera grinned. She stood up and held out her hand leading Don to her room laughing all the way.

Back in Chimera's studio they looked at each other for a long time. They hadn't dated long. Chimera had felt guilty because she still wasn't over Nicholas. Something she had never quite managed to achieve and they had decided it was best to go back to being friends. It had been an easier transition than either of them expected. But at that moment, they had both been remembering that day. They both leant in at the same time for a kiss they would both regret almost instantly.


Oh crap. The sound brought them both back to the real world at lightning speed. They jumped away from each other and looked towards the door. Chloe was standing there full of rage. Chimera backed away as far as she could as Don moved towards his girlfriend. Chloe ran through to the main part of the shop before Don managed to catch her arm.

"Chloe wait!"

Chimera moved slowly towards the doorway dreading what she would see. Chloe was screaming at Don but Chimera couldn't hear the words. It wasn't happening, it couldn't be happening.

Chloe broke away from Don and picked up as many things as she could throwing them at him. Chimera saw everything in slow motion as a pen struck Don in the face.

"Shit! My Eye!"

Chloe ran crying from the room then as Don crumpled onto the floor.

"I can't see!"

Chimera moved towards him tentatively.

"Don are you alright?"

As Chimera went to put a hand on his shoulder he shrugged her away.

"I'm fine! Just give me a minute."

Chimera left in a panic induced silence. It was too much of a coincidence. How could this have happened? Now she was ruining other people's lives as well as her own. Had she seen this coming or had she caused it. She couldn't wait till lunch. She had to talk to Nicholas and she had to do it now. She had to know if what she had dreamt was from the legends or a product of her deranged subconscious. She just had to hope he was in his office.