In Three-Quarters Time
i have to forget everything
that bubbled and bloomed and
blustered in me since
you strung yourself up in
my rhythm and muddled the melody.

a scalpel and a pair of scissors
will hollow out my chest cavity, cut
every strand of tissue holding
me together (i'm mostly
severed anyway). i can leave
my gracelessness behind.

but my heartbeat ran away in
syncopated step—i cannot
catch it. you bewitched it with
your silver-tongued song and
now i'm dizzyingly enchanted;
it's too late to wash away
the flutter that fills me to
the brim, tingling in my
fingertips and lips twitching
at a smile (maybe a pucker
though i can hardly admit
it out loud). i can't shake it out.

i don't know if i can
fall out of love with you, but
i have to stop giving second chances
(you'll drop the tune again).