Chapter Seventeen: So Long Cage
Footsteps filled my ears once again. Maybe the old man was coming back to let me out. That was my hope at least. I wanted to stretch my wings and feel free. I did not even have to actually be free, I just wanted to feel it. I was a murderer after all. I killed my own innocent child. A murderer did not deserve to be free.

"Captain," the old man said in greeting to me. I grimaced a bit. I did not want my title. I wanted it gone. I wanted my child instead. There was not much that could be done about that now though.

"Please don't call me that. It reminds me of the past. I do not want to remember the past. Call me Lucy," I replied, my eyes silently pleading with the ancient man.

"Very well Lucy," he said as he moved his hand under his cloak. My hope soared. Perhaps he held the keys to my freedom. That or he held some sort of weapon. Perhaps the Pandorans were going to kill me after all. I can't entirely trust these people. I can't trust anyone that I have recently met. The only people I trust are Rose, Paul, Hannah, and Josh. I am a bit mad at Will. It is sort of his fault that I was even in this cell to begin with. If he had been able to control himself better, he would not have run off and I would not have had to chase him. At least I was nowhere near Aquila Kasch. He took his hand out and showed me what was in his hand. It was a keychain with a few different keys on it. He opened up the cell door. I just looked at him. "Well, are you coming Lucy?"

So he was letting me out. I was no longer a caged bird. I was free. But what was the price? They say freedom is never free. Maybe freedom was free here on Pandora. "Of course, just give a moment," I replied, gazing back up at my window. That window had come to symbolize a lot for me. Now I needed something new to cast my hopes upon.

The man walked in and sat next to me. I guess he knew more than he wanted to say. "Come now Lucy. We do not have all day. There is a lot that you must see, and not all of it will be good, but it is necessary," he said softly, trying to coax me out.
I stood up. "Then by all means, let us go. I do not want to be responsible for keeping anyone waiting," I said, waiting for the kind man to lead me to where we had to go.

He stood up and lead me to the door. I was finally ready to leave this cell behind. There had to be plenty of adventures here on Pandora, and none of them could be found within the safety of my cell. The adventures were out there! That is what kept me going when I finally pulled myself together. Adventure and the adrenaline rush of it all. "If you would please follow me. I do not want you getting lost."

I followed the silver haired man, who happened to be named Darius, through the labyrinth that was the prison. Even though being in a prison scared me, I just had to remember that I was still alive. That could be considered an achievement at this point. However, where was Will? He had been captured too. I can't remember what happened to him. I wish that I could remember that. I mean, here I am, remember six billion years ago like it was yesterday and hardly able to remember yesterday. It takes skill to be this awesome.
Eventually, we came to a large wooden door. There were not as many of the glowing plants up here. Perhaps we were close to the surface. "You might want to cover your eyes a bit. It's a bit bright out today," the man warned. As soon as he opened the door, light came rushing in. It almost felt like that scene from The Lion King. You know, the one where Mufasa is showing Simba the kingdom. The whole "everything the light touches" deal. Except, everything the light was touching was not mine. It would never be mine. I held my hand over my eyes like a visor and tried to squint to see what this place actually looked like.

I was amused to see a small little village that looked like the main street of a small little town I knew back home. It made me wonder how advanced this civilization was. I knew that they knew how to make bows and arrows. I could see that they knew how to make bricks. Apparently they were even a bit more advanced than we were back on Earth. They managed to incorporate their surroundings into their lives. The glowing plants stuck out everywhere, but their light was muted by that of the star that I called Helios. I had no idea what these people called the star, and I certainly did not want to offend them. They did not have to let me go. They did not even have to keep me alive.

I followed the man through the streets, trying to avoid the curious stares of those that we encountered. Eventually my eyes grew accustomed to the light. However, just as soon as my eyes acclimated, the man led me into a building. It was dimly light inside of there. I guess that they had not discovered electricity, unless of course, electricity did not work on Pandora. "This is our first stop. I will leave you now. Farewell Lucy Mayfield," Darius said to me as he turned to walk back out.

"Wait!" I exclaimed as the door shut behind him. I guess he had other places to be. Maybe he was going back to the prison for Will. Maybe Will would be coming back here with me. Maybe I was just waiting for him.

The thought of soon being reunited with my fellow Earthling fled as another door opened. "Lucy Mayfield?" a blue haired woman asked. I nodded. "Please follow me. The Council is waiting for you." That worried me. Was I going to be on some sort of trial? Had Darius lied to me?

I followed the woman. She wore a rather simple black dress. If I had been more into dresses, I might ask her about it and inquire about getting one myself. However, dresses were not exactly my thing. I either had to be forced or paid to wear one, and I was in no such position at the moment, and so I would stay in my ninja suit.

Eventually we came into a large circular room with a glass ceiling that seemed to filter the light into different shapes on the floor. I was sure that they meant something. Perhaps the images told the story of these people. There were three men who sat at a large elevated desk. It made them look important, and so I assumed that they were important. "Now there is no need to tell us your story Lucy Mayfield. Darius already told us. We trust him, and so we will trust you for now. However, we are a wary people Lucy. If you do anything to lose our trust, it will not be easily gained back," the one in the middle said.

"We requested to speak with you because of the insignia upon your arm. We know that it is from the Galactic Alliance, a group that has tried to exterminate our people. Darius says that they have coerced you and you wish to break away, but something is holding you back," one of the other two added. I really did not know that there was an insignia, but I had not really paid much attention to the uniform. It would make sense though. Especially considering that they branched off of NASA. Every mission that NASA did had its own patch. I guess some traditions never went away. Instead, they got smaller.

The last one cleared his throat. "We are willing to help you with your dilemma, but you must be willing to help us," he added. All three of them looked at me expectantly. I felt like I was back up in the conference room. It was not a feeling that I was too fond of.
I sighed. I really had no choice. These people seemed pretty nice, but I had no idea if I was trading one evil for another. I guess I was just a pawn in a universal game of chess. I never was good at chess. Too complicated for me I guess. "What would I have to do?" I inquired, hoping that they would tell me.

The first one spoke up. "Defeat the Galactic Alliance."