You're a fun secret

And a bad habit

I do not know if I'll ever shake.

You're my star gazer and that constellation was ours

We didn't fit the mold so we went and built our own

Not from blood or sweat or tears but by sheer nerve

And the moments suspended as we squeezed into the Polaroid of young love

It shakes as we grow clearer, a cubicle reminder of

All those reckless, late night cups of coffee

And how you always sing me poetry

I gave you the remote while you gave me that look in your eye

That shakes me like an earthquake, my heart moved

Like a tectonic plate,

Underneath the surface and dazzling to my feet-

(I put a hand over my eyes as if unsure that this is real)

You warm me like that fourth of July bonfire, and make me glow

Like each flicker of flame did as we kissed for the first time

You're a fun secret

But you're my secret

You never ask much of me and I never ask much of you

We live our lives as exclamation points, in em-pha-sis

Of the harmony of the syllables of our names.

(Mozart couldn't have composed a song that sings as loud

A song that makes the heavens tremble)

Our love is vampiric and you have bewitched me

I am yours in the nighttime-but I think of you in the day.

We could be strangers when the sun is high, only our shadows touching

(Gently, like when you put your hand in mine

Trying to know me like the back of your hand

By tracing the palms of mine)

You occupy my daydreams. I wonder if you know

You are a bad habit

But still I love to see the electronic red of your bedtime clock

Telling me just how bad you are

I love to dance with you. In mine your hands are rough and calloused.

I sometimes want to ask you about your day but I'm scared how you'll reply.

I wouldn't quiver to ask you which god you think is watching us

But I couldn't bear the fear, to know you outside of that white Hanes shirt

Or that sweatshirt you got that I always steal

Because I like how it smells like you

And smells like nighttime, and smells like us-

I do not know if I'll ever shake

The way your lips taste against mine

How our bodies didn't touch but warmed each other as we kissed

Like a fire, like a sun, like that piece of daytime I'll never have with you.

I do not know if I'll ever shake

The way my hair whipped in lonely winds

As you drove me to the movies that we never watched.

I do not know if I'll ever, ever shake

The thought of you, just like a dream

That shakes me, shakes me, shakes me...