I know there will eventually be a time,

When this time will be I don't know,

That I go 24 hours without thinking of you.

You made me into a fool,

The type of girl I never thought I'd be,

But I'm nobody's fool anymore.

I will stop dressing with you in mind,

Saving the best for days we share a class,

Hoping you might notice me.

I will stop putting us in love songs,

Acting out the sung words,

Only ones in which I get over you.

There is only so much a girl can take,

So many times she can be ignored,

Before it is a choice between her or you.

I'm long past that threshold,

Two words in four months was it,

And I choose myself.

I'd rather be alone,

Single and sometimes lonely,

Than go another day without saying goodbye.

So this is it,

The end,