Chapter 8 - Of All Things

Raziel, Marzein and Trexaus had returned to the gang den later that night. The three gang members who were injured before are now patched up thanks to me. I feel the anger now boiling inside of me. I wanted to make those Dragon Clan losers pay for what they did. They had no respect for formalities of a Gang Kai, but then again we are gang members so we really didn't give a fuck about formality.

The three other members approached the area that we were at, and they saw Raven, Samiel, and Hide resting while seated down. They had bandages over their bodies due to the ambush. I saw the look on Raziel's face had changed from a calm and docile state to an angrier facial expression.

"What the hell happened?!" I heard him shout. He was scratching the back of his head which had short brown hair but unlike mine was not spiky. He had a look on his green eyes that would terrify a regular person. I immediately went near him and said:

"Our den was ambushed by the Dragon Clan." I replied coldly. "Not only that, they sent a spy on me just a night ago when I was doing patrol duty." I added.

"Now why would they do that hmm?" Marzein had blurted out. She was one of our elite members in our gang. Her dark green hair and cerulean eyes glinted as she asked me a question. She probably knew that it was sort of my fault why we had a beef with the Dragon Clan. Her primary weapon was a nunchaku with spikes on each end making her a Miscal and she was two years older than me and she's a year younger than Raziel.

"Uhhh...because I sorta beat up a member of theirs when I saved a friend in Grand State park?" I replied nervously to Marzein. She is scary when her bad side gets to her and frankly, I didn't need that right now.

"You what?!" a black haired man shouted at me with anger. It was Trexaus, a fistfighter in our gang just like myself. The dude was not that big but I pale in comparison to him in terms of height. He and Raziel go way back even before the Silver Shadows were formed.

"Hey, I had a legit excuse. I just can't let that creep take advantage of my friend like that." I replied to Trexaus.

"So it was your fault that they were all doing this! I knew you are nothing but trouble!." Trexaus shouted at me. Asshole doesn't even know half of the story and he already makes assumptions that I started the fight. "It's your bloodlust that gets us in trouble!" he added as he grabbed me by the collar and cornered me against the wall.

"Look idiot, I told you it wasn't my fucking fault. I didn't start that fight so if you just please put me down now before I hurt you." I said as I held his wrist while trying to break his grasp on the collar of my shirt.

"Okay that's it you're going down!" Trexaus had said, but before he could even punch my face in, I heated up my hands with my blue flame to burn his wrist. It worked and he let go of me and I landed on the ground. Raziel and Marzein had taken notice that I burned Trexaus.

"Why you little-" Trexaus said as he was about to rush at me again, but he was interrupted by a lightning blast from Raziels fingers.

"Enough!" I had heard him say.

"So you're a Manipulator too.." Marzein had said.

"Since when did you have this power Kidel?" Raziel had asked me.

"I discovered it during our raid of the Steel Factory. My hands just lit up with blue flame and I started blasting them fools." I replied to Raziel. The look on his face told me that he was hiding something from me.

"So what we will do about the ambush? Will we attack them back?" I had heard Samiel say as he was standing up from where he sat down. He was already feeling better as he took his katana and held it with his left hand.

"No, a gang kai must be executed now." Raziel had said to him.

"What?!" Trexaus had shouted. "It's flame boy's fault so let him fight alone!" he added.

"As much as we know that Kidel is at fault here, The Dragon Clan had attacked the rest of the gang members of the Silver Shadows so a Gang Kai must be set in order to finish this." Raziel had replied. "I will be the one to send them the invitation at their territory, meanwhile the rest of you guys better prepare. The Dragon Clan is a bigger gang now than they were when we eradicated them from this territory." he added.

"From what I heard, they have this Mass Recruitment program that allow them to recruit anyone just for man power." Marzein had said.

"That's totally unfair!" Samiel had said out of rage. "No wonder their gang is getting bigger."

"I guess they took matters into their own hands. Well no matter, numbers don't indicate strength." I said with confidence as I lit a cigarette and started smoking.

"I'm letting you off this time Kidel, but if something like this happens again, you will fight a Gang Kai on your own, are we clear?" Raziel had reminded me. Crap It was very immature of me to drag our gang in so much mess, but I just can't let Lumina take all of Noire's crap for long. I puffed from my cigarette and blew out hot smoke, I looked at Raziel and said:

"Crystal." I had replied then i looked away and went near the door of the gang den and went outside. To be honest, my mind was not really focused right now ever since I had thought of Lumina while thinking about the incident in the park. I always remembered her eyes, blue as the seas and her hair, black as night. Then, I began imagining her face while I was smoking. That pretty face of hers could probably launch a million ships if this were back at the Iliad. Whoa, did I just think about her? Man, I really need to stop doing this. I cannot have feelings for her. I am the Crimson Eyed Demon, I have no spot for softness and besides even if I tell her that I like her, I'm probably going to get rejected. I was still smoking my cigarette when suddenly I felt a vibration in my pocket, it was my phone, I took it from my pocket and saw that there was a missed call on it. It was her, the girl that I was thinking about earlier.

"Ohhhh a missed call." a voice said behind me in a teasing manner. It was Samiel, he was still covered with bandages.

"Fuck you Samiel." I replied coldly as I kept my phone in my pocket.

"Kidel's got a girlfiend." he sang in a teasing manner once again.

"Whatever." I said as I turned away from him hiding my face in the process.

"You're blushing are you? What's the matter? Crimson Eyed Demon gone soft for a girl? Admit it, you like her don't you?" Samiel had said to me.

"Think what you like." I said to him, and I felt my phone vibrate again and this time I got it out on time and answered it.

"Hello?" i said.

"Hey. It's me." a familiar voice had said. It was Lumina. I decided to mess with her a little.

"Who's me?" I asked her wittingly

"Ha-ha very funny flame boy. Anyway I just called to ask a favor." Lumina had replied.

"What? I ain't your servant you know." I replied to her. I saw Samiel raising his eyebrows repeatedly while giving me a thumbs up. I swear I would hurt this guy after this phone call.

"Last time I remember, you still owe me." Lumina had replied to me. Fuck, she was right. I still haven't paid off my debt to her.

"Alright! What do you need?" I said to her. I was falling for her traps again.

"I need a chaperone. I need to take some pictures tonight for my visual arts class in Grand State Park. Dad says I can't go out at night unless I have someone to accompany me. You came into mind." she replied to me.

"You have other friends right? Why not ask them?" I asked her in return.

"They all have curfews!" she shouted at me

"Fine I'll be there at 9.30pm" I replied to her. It was only 8:00pm and the train ride from Main City Square Station is 30 minuntes, plus the walk to the main city square itself which is also 30 minutes so all in all I'll be there just in time.

"I'll be waiting so you better speed it up slow poke!" Lumina had replied to me as she hung up.

"Ahhh young love. So pure and sincere." I had heard Samiel say. He was totally making fun of me right now. I wanted to beat the crap out of the guy, but I didnt.

"Shut up Samiel. Anyway I have to go, she will scold me if I don't make it there on time." I replied to him.

"Don't do anything hasty lover boy!" Samiel replied to me as he went back inside the gang den.

"I really hate that guy." I said to myself as I began walking to the main city square to catch the train to get to Lumina's.




Raziel POV.

His flames were blue. No ordinary Flame Manipulator would have blue flames unless he is a Prime. No, it must be just a coincidence. I began to ponder more on this matter because I was one of those Prime Manipulators myself. A Prime is a person with extraordinary powers in terms of manipulating the elements. In my case my lightning was different from other Plasma Manipulators because I can chain them into multiple forms unlike the other Plasma Manipulators which only relied on direct manipulation. in Kidel's case because his flames were hotter than the conventional red flames of a regular manipulator. I then saw Marzein noticing me, she probably saw me thinking to deeply and she now went near me.

"What's wrong Raziel?" she asked me.

"Kidel." I blurted out.

"He's a Manipulator I know, it's surprising." Marzein replied to me.

"He might be a Prime." I said to her

"What?! How? What makes you say that?" she asked me again.

"Blue flames." I replied bluntly.

"Maybe it's just a coincidence." she had said. I highly doubted it though, because Kidel's flames were more powerful. A mere touch of it will burn you severely if you do not have enough resistance.

"I don't know. Something tells me though that he is more powerful than he looks." I replied to her as I walked out of the gang den and stayed outside. If indeed Kidel was a Prime, then he must have a beast. If he somehow finds a way to utilize the power of the beast then it is true. He indeed is a Prime manipulator. I made my way on to the roof of our gang den and stood there for a while. I think now it's time to visit The Dragon Clan gang den to send our invitation and even the score.

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