Black eyes blinked through the blurs that surrounded his vision. No noise could be heard. Everything started turning red before darkness once again claimed all sight.

Cole yawned waking up in his small two room rundown apartment. The neighbors screamed at each other outside. "Again," he groaned wanting to suffocate himself with a pillow. This is what it all came to. Long green hair shifted as his body moved to sit up. A knock sounded from his front door earning another groan. It has been two years since Cole Desmond vanished. Most believed he was dead. Sometimes he wished himself he was dead.

"Come," the man commanded as he dressed himself into normal cheap clothes. A figure opened the door and greeted," Morning, Vash." Black eyes shot a glare at the nickname. The figure revealed a woman with short white and blue hair and shining green eyes in the poor lights of his apartment. "You love it and you know it," she joked pulling out a folder for him.

"What's this?" the man asked not really caring. The woman smiled sly opening it on his coffee table and sat on the rundown couch. "It's your next job," she explained. There was a picture of a rich business man Cole was sure he had once met. "How much?" Cole prided from her.

"About one g, sorry," the blue and white haired woman apologized with a sigh. "It's not easy either." Black eyes looked over the contients of the folder and frowned. "There's some competitions isn't there." It wasn't a question. They both knew this man had earned a reputation and that's all some clients needed to put out a hit on here.

"I heard Veil say he's working it too," she spoke seeing his face turn into a famous Cole Scowl. "damn it," Cole cursed. "Belle, I need you to watch for him. I won't let him steal another from me." The woman laughed at her own nickname. "Of course, not."

Lights flooded the city of Zeletic, its own way of producing a day for the individuals that lived there. Cole walked the busy streets to a bar hidden down an alley way. No one noticed him, not that it mattered. He knew no one really cared now that he was no longer the Ceo of the company.

"Hey, Vash, here for the usual," one of the bouncers spoke happy to see his lean friend. Cole sighed and nodded before entering the bar. Inside loud music covered over people's conversations and dancing. It was just another club to the now assassin. "Out making a living as always I see," greeted a bartender with long braided blonde hair and mismatched eyes. Cole knew one was fake. Both blue and green looked at their new customer slyly.

"What can I serve you today, Mr. Assassin?" asked the blonde cleaning a glass while his helpers took care of the rest of the customers. The blonde's name was Simon Neverend. He was the owner of Club Hell and worked secretly as a bartender/ informant during his free time. How he and Cole had become good friends over two years is still a mystery to the greenette.

"I need info," Cole bluntly spoke to the blonde. Simon leaned over the polished counter and smiled more viciously. "Whatcha need, my dear friend?" he asked again as the green haired man pulled out the picture of the hit. Simon's smile fell with a sigh. "That guy is a bore, ya know. I never thought you needed money that bad. I would be happy to hire you as one of our strippers," the bartender complained putting away the now clean glass.

Cole ignored it and spoke," HE is working this one." Mismatched eyes shown with new found amusement. "Oohh, nothing like a date for our little Vash," Simon sang before heading into the back for a minute. A hand ran through long green hair with a sigh. HE was always there when the hit had good information Cole wanted on his 'killers'.

Who was HE? Another assassin that was considered the best in Zeletic. If you really wanted someone gone, you got him, not that he was cheap, but to Cole it meant that this guy knew something or had something worth knowing and that's all that mattered. Of course, it didn't stop his friends from thinking he wasy gay with one hell of a twisted crush but that was their problems.

Simon came back out just as happy as he was when he went in. "Here ya go, my valued patron," the bartender sang handing over a box to the green haired man. No one around them even noticed it. Cole thanked him the usual way and went to leave before slamming into a brick wall. Said brick wall turned out to be a man with wavering short black hair and secretive red eyes.

Black met with those blood filled eyes, almost feeling like they wanted to get lost in them and never return. However, Cole knew he really didn't want to go down that road ever again. "Sorry," he apologized before quickly leaving back to his apartment.

Red eyes watched the mysterious green haired man leave with amusement. The black haired man leaned on the counter quite intrigued. "You should hurry up and claim your boyfriend," Simon spoke as he picked up another dirty glass. "Razor-." Red eyes shined at the name as he smiled at the bartender.

"Oh, I will."