Long green hair shimmered under the lights that flooded the town around him. People walked by without care and some without purpose. Black eyes watched as one was robbed in plain view but never stopped.

Nothing like a normal day. Cole continued walking past to his apartment. Day one was meant for planning in his line of work. One hand clutched the box harshly. There was already no telling how far he was behind the HIM. Razor… that bastard.

A tv screen lit up nearby showing a new popular anime commercial. It wasn't important but what happened next was. Just as black eyes glanced at it an arm wrapped around his waist and pulled the lean assassin back against a broad chest possessively.

Shit. Onyx widened with shock as his body attempted to disattach itself from the aggressor. He even so much as smacked the box against the other man. "Let me go, creep," Cole ordered kicking against the unknown man's leg which caused said man to become unbalanced and let go.

What the fuck? Cole ran forward and turned ready to kick some ass now. What the hell was this guy thinking daring to attack Vash, one of the best assassins in town?

Black met with green eyes full of surprise. The man looked like a bodyguard of the yakuza complete with a buzz cut and sunglasses. Cole's body froze waiting for the next attack. It wasn't that uncommon for yakuza thugs to steal people off the street for their human trade, but Cole would be damned before they let them even think of trading him around like a sex doll.

Oh, hell no. With a sneer the greenette glared at the man and warned," Get lost." Sunglasses didn't move. People continued to walk past them as though both didn't exist. Both stood for a minute in silence.

Mr. Sunglasses obviously was waiting for him to run and trap him. So why not? Cole started running like a rabbit through the alleys near with the yakuza mutt on his tail. Now where to go? He could start to hear more footsteps inclosing the more inward he got of the city's maze.

Great now what? Black caught sight of an opened door and he quickly slipped through just nearly avoiding the gang that was chasing him. Thank God the door was next to a corner. They probably assumed he rounded it and was checking that way leaving him a good chance to disappear.

Cole assessed the old apartment building he entered and decided to just round back to the main roads. It was safer than sticking to the alleys where the yakuzas ruled. Leaving, he also placed the box in his long black trenchcoat just incase he ran into anymore thugs.

Good thing, because he did. A group was waiting near the first alley he entered causing a big problem for the green haired man. They caught sight of him, as well, when he went around the corner and charged rashly using numbers and bigger muscle as an advantage.

Cole slipped one hand into a pocket of his coat and dodged the first attack. The second came quickly but was blocked by a kick from the assassin. He then round housed kicked most of them before delivering a brass knuckled fist into their leader's face breaking his cheek bone and nose.

It took a while but a figure exited that alleyway into the main roads alone. Blood covered his weapon that was carefully slipped back into his coat. Yep, nothing like yakuza to give your rival a good head start. Now he was going to have to work double time to beat Razor to their hit.