Morning Glory

(Chaz POV)

"Hey son!" my Dad said from the kitchen cooking bacon and eggs.

"Sup Dad." I said rubbing my eyes from a sleep that could have lasted for days. "What time is it?"

"It's seven in the morning." he said making me rush back up stairs grabbing a brand new shirt and some pants that was on top of my drawer. Turning to my bathroom to get into the shower. It took me a few minutes to get ready and running back down stairs.

"I'm ready!" I said going to the kitchen and serving my plate.

"Why are you in a rush?" he asked. "It's only seven in the morning and since when did you start wanting to go to school?"

"School starts at eight o' five and if I'm late I'll get in trouble on my first day." I said slipping out of his last question, I don't know the real answer but there was something in me that wanted to go to school and I needed to know what it was.

"Ok but I'll be driving remember." he said. "you got your licence suspended because you were drunk driving."

"I know." I said finishing the last piece of food on my plate while getting up to put the dishes in the sink. "Now can we go now?"

"Alright, Alright." he said getting up to grab his keys.

"Well, I'll see you in the car old man." I said heading out of the house into his old ford truck. Ten minutes passed and dad was still inside. Come on pops I need to go to school! I reached into the drivers seat and beeped the horn.. "Dad get out here!"

"I'm here." he said putting on his coat while jogging to the car.

"Dad please I need to get to school now." I said as he got in the car.

"Look I'm starting the car now." he said as he put the keys in to start the engine. "Now for some music to clear up the day."

"Dad please don't." I said but that didn't stop him. He started searching the radio for his favorite station.

"There we go." he said putting on some music from the eighties. Here we go again. More music from his time of year. Where did I put my ipod? Searching the pockets of my pants and sweater. twenty minutes later I found it in the front pocket of my backpack. I found you, you pain.. Not hesitating I put in my ear phones and turned on my music. Thats better.

"Look we're here." he said stopping the car. Oh perfect timing! "And heres your class schedule."

"See ya." I said grabbing the paper and walked towards the school. Another day at a boring school. Why can't school be fun for once or better yet interesting..

"Ow" someone said from in front of me.

"I'm sorry." I said and looked at the person in front of me finding a girl about five foot three with brown hair and eyes with glasses. Suddenly looking at her made everything disappear and my heart pound. She's so cute! "I.. am..." trying to tell her I'm really sorry was was harder than I thought it could be. Maybe I should... no it wouldn't work. I know! "Hey.." I said but suddenly realized that I was standing there all alone. Damn she left.

"Hello!" boy said from behind me. I turned around to greet him.

"Hello." I said "I'm Chaz."

"I know." he said. "You're the new kid who transferred here from the ghetto school uptown."

"Yeah." I said slightly weirded out by the knowledge he had of me in just one day.

"Don't worry." he assured me. "It's a small town. News spread out really fast, plus everybody in the school knows you already." So even that girl knows me? "I don't think she knows you yet. So don't get you hopes up." How did he know this? "Man, it's written all over your face. It's your first time here and you have fallen for the wrong girl. Stella isn't the type you should be going for."

"Stella?" I asked. "Is that her name?"

"Yes but listen." he said. "The truth is she's already taken or at least there's someone that has his eye on her. He doesn't want anyone else going for her, so if you want to be safe don't go after her."

"Why should that stop me?" I said. "It's not like she's been marked like she's his property."

"Well be careful." he said. "The guy that has his eyes on her will do anything to get what he wants. Anything.."

"Ok" I said, "so what's your name?"

"James." he said.

"Oh," I said. "well James don't go talking that it isn't possible." Maybe I might be the guy for her.

"See ya around." he said and left to the cafeteria. Lets see where is Stella. I walked toward the high school door and entered the halls that were packed with tall and small people and since I was one of the small people I was being crushed. But that didn't stop me. Where are you Stella?

My heart began beating fast just thinking about her. This has never happened to me. Every girl I have dated never got me to feel this way. What is this feeling she does to me? This feeling...

"Watch where you're going." a tall boy said. "And back away from Stella." So this is the guy that has his eyes on Stella. There was something in me that wanted to pound this guy to the floor and let him know that Stella was mine and only mine.

"Make me." I said

"It's on." the boy said grabbing me by the collar of my shirt slamming me towards a locker. "Don't go near her or you'll regret it."

"She's not yours is she?" I asked him bitterly. "You don't have anything that has her chained to you. So in other cases anyone can have her.." he looked at me and let go but suddenly his hand clenched into a fit, immediately I dodged it letting it hit the locker. "Be careful you wouldn't want a broken arm, do you?"

"How much do you want?" he said massaging his knuckles and standing in front of me. "I'll give you what you want. Just stay away from her."

"Money won't get me to stay away from her." I said and walked away.

"You'll regret it!" he yelled from behind me.

After the incident in the hall, first period passed and I was walking down the hall towards my second hour class. English the only class where I always end up failing the subject. Entering the classroom I scanned the room. There were cowboys and girls sitting on the right side, nerdy kids sitting in front and the populars on the the left. In between the bunch I found James talking a girl that any guy would fall for.

"Hey!" James shouted and waved his hand.

"Hey. " I said walking to sit next to him.

"Awesome we have the same class." he said with enthusiasm. "By the way this is Anya. She moved here from Russia with her family and she lives here in the U.S for 3 years ." I saw that the russian girl was staring at me with her big blue eyes and her gorgeous smile.

"So what are you staring at?" I asked her.

"You" She said and winked at me.

"Thanks I'm flattered but I don't like you." I said with the image of the Stella.

"You see, Anya." James said. "he is interested in the anime freak, Stella."

"That girl?" she asked. "Why her when you can have me?"

"No." I told her. "Stella's the one. I never had this feeling before and I can't stop thinking about it." Did I just say that out loud?

"Well I can make you feel the same way." she said. This girl does not understand...

"How about me?" James said with a blush. "Is there any love for me?"

"No." she explained her face going red. "You dated my friend and both of you were in a serious 'relationship'. I can't date you!" Wow she is a true friend. But that shouldn't mean you can't date your friend's ex, Right?.

"There was never a serious relationship between her and me." he explained. "She made it all up, she just wants to make my life miserable. You can tell her and she'll tell you the truth since she's your friend."

"Do you think she'd tell her?" a voice came from behind James. "Your ex already knows your feelings for Anya and she'll do anything to get your life miserable, like you said,"

We all looked back and saw that it was Stella talking and reading the book in her hand, wow she's even cuter when she's multi-tasking.

"If you'd really want to know the truth you have to send someone else other than Anya to find out and record the conversation." she changed the page of her book. "Or you can do it by force if you'd like but you'll only get into deeper trouble with the school and the police."

I looked at the others and saw that they were thinking about her way to solve their problem.

"So have you decided what you're going to do?"

They both looked up and nodded at each other. This can't be good.

"How about you come to the lake with us and act like your Anya's friend." James suggested.

Never mind that might work. It can also give me a chance to see her again.

"That way you get to know our lives, have a bit of fun, and help us out."

"And how is she going to by that?" Stella asked. "She'll know that I am not really Anya's friend and will know the instant Anya tells her about me."

"Well you can go as my girlfriend." James suggested, from that I tensed up.

No! Please say no. That bastard might do something to you. An image of James and Stella alone came up in my head which got me even more worried.

James leaned to my ear, "Don't worry I don't sleep with girls like her."

"No." she said. "if that happens she won't by it."

We looked up at her in her response.

Out of nowhere I spoke. "I can do it."

"That might work." James said.

"It might but..." she began to say.

"No it'll work." Anya said. "The new kid found a girlfriend."

"I prefer going as his friend." she began, "You wouldn't want your new friend to ruin his reputation even more by being the 'boyfriend' of the anime freak. We can go as friends and if anyone asks we can say we were friends online and that I never expected for him to move here."

"I still think the boyfriend part could have worked." James winked at me.

"Do as you please." she said. "I'm just there to help you both in your problem."

"That's right since when did you want to help us out." Anya said.

"I was just suggesting the idea as help." she said flipping the page on her book. "I never volunteered to help you guys out. James was the one who wanted me to do the job."

Everyone stayed silent for the moment.

"So at what time do you want me to pick you up?" I asked.

"Pick me up an hour before it starts and when I have the proof I will find you so that I can return home." she said. "Also if you're taking me there, I need you to not drink beer or any alcoholic drinks."

"Ok." I replied.

"Soo." James began. "Since we're going to the lake. You're going to need a towel, extra cloth, and a swim suit. "

"I know that." she said flipping the pages on her book even faster.

"How do you read?" Anya asked.

"Well you get a book, open it to the first page and looked at the words." she said sarcastically.

"I meant to say, " Anya said quite irritated by the answer. "how can you read if you're flipping through the pages so fast?"

"First of all this is a manga." She said and showed us the drawings in the book or like she would call it 'manga'. "Second I've been reading since middle school and from reading, it helped me read faster."

"James." I said. "When's the trip?"

"Sunday at 12." he said.

"12 at night?" I said

"12 pm." Stella stated. "If it was at that time I wouldn't be going."

The day went by fast and I ended up lost trying to find the computer class, my last class. Giving the teacher named Mrs. Kolt a note.

"Ok class there is a new student so be nice to him." she said. "Chaz would you like to say anything?"

"No thank you Mrs. Kolt." I said.

"Ok." She said and began lecturing the class.

Looking around I found Stella with headphones beside her hands, that looked so soft.

"Hi." I said sitting down right next to her. "I'm Chaz. And you are?"

Trying not to remember her name so that she can talk to me a bit more. She's so cute!

"Sorry." she said looking away. "I'm Stella."

Giving me a small smile. Now this is something to remember.

"Well hello Stella." I repeated but looked away instantly. I don't know why but I didn't want to be mesmerized and look like a stocker up close.

"Didn't you already know that?" she said looking at the computer screen.

A wave of heat rose from my face. She remembered me. A hint of amusement hit me.

"Are you ready for Sunday?" I asked.

"Not really." she said still looking at the computer screen.

"You know it's impolite to not look at the person you're talking to." I said making her look at me. "Why?"

"I have my reasons." she said looking away again and then back at me.

"Well can I know those reasons?" I looked at her trying to figure them out. Realizing that her lips were inches away from me. Oh God please make it stop…

"You'll know when you pick me up." she leaned away avoiding how close we were.

"Can't wait." giving her a smile which made her blush. "So where do you live?"

She began to take out a sheet of paper writing her address and phone number.

"Here are the directions and if you get lost text me and I can go out of my house so that you can see me out side." she looked back to her computer.

I looked at the sheet of paper and got my phone out. I should start putting it in my phone. A wicked smile crossed my face. I can't wait to start texting her.

"Don't text me unless its important."

Damn! It's like she read my mind. But I can still make up excuses on ways to talk to her. It's going to be great.